Monday, October 4, 2010

presley lauging

I have been trying to upload this video for days. I think i did it twice and then forgot and it hasnt worked like 4 times. so here it is!

Imaginary Friend

We have an imaginary friend at our house. His name is Jesus.
It all started when Hayden started getting scared at night. We told him that he was not alone and that Jesus was here with him. We prayed, etc. It seemed to work.
Then soon Jesus started showing up alot. He would come upstairs with us and downstairs, and outside. And then in the car (thankfully we have an extra seat for Jesus in our car), and then in the bath. Hayden had just gotten off teh potty and was about to go in the bath when he says, " Jesus has to go potty to and then come in the bath too!" Okay, Jesus is going potty and going in the bath.
This morning Hayden comes down the stairs and is still half asleep and says, "Jesus is coming down the stairs to" I mean, the kid was not even awake!
I am definelty learning something from Hayden, Jesus is always with us, and he see's ALL my actions. One day He will be here and I'll have to account for them all, so maybe this imaginary friend Jesus will help me out.....and maybe he's not so imaginary!

Friday, September 10, 2010


ok. i figured out how to make th pic somewhat smaller. so that will do for now!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

blog question

how do i make my picture smaller??

3 months

Here are some of Presley's 3 month photos. I LOVE how they turned out. Thank you Jusi for the photos and Amber for the headband. ( I would add more but she was naked.......and this is the internet....). Look at those CHEEKS!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holiday Photos

Here are some pics from our vacation in Osoyoos. We had a great time and had sunny weather. Hayden told me, after i told him already, " Im getting brown!". Thad's brother is now here for a week, so more to come later!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two week photos

Here are some pictures that Thad's dad took of Presley when she was 2 weeks old. She already has changed alot since then. Since birth, the swelling in her face has gone down, her hair has lightened, she has lengthened, i think her eyes will be blue.......and she now looks like Hayden ( or so were told).
In general Presley is a very good baby. She barely cries......the only issues were having is with nursing, and its not her, its me. My theory is that some women have lots of milk and some have less. and some is fattier than matter what type of body you have. So, i dont think my milk is that great. At 2 weeks she hadn't made her birth weight, ( neither did H) ( i wasnt surprised she hadn't) so i started supplementing. She would still be hungry after i nursed her so she would get a little bottle to top her up. The doc also put me on fenugreek. After 1 more week she went from 9.1 to 10lbs! ya. So since then we have been supplementing less.....usually just in the evening.....but i think she would take about 2 more ounces after every time i nursed her. Do all you other mothers out there think your baby would eat more after you nurse? And she usually tries to eat her hands after i nurse her which also makes me think she is hungry......and she isn't terrible sleepy after i nurse her.....there is no milk coma as some moms would say. So.....well see how she does at her 2 month app. Im pretty sure she is gaining, ( might be tmi, but when i pump i get about 3-4 ounc ( every 3 hours), so she is getting milk. But im just wondering if other babies are like this.....or just mine?
Otherwise everything is good! H is enjoying her, she sleeps good. And H has been acting alot better. I think the turning point was when i changed my mindset from seeing all he did wrong to all he did right and praising him for when he obeyed. ( this kid loves him some praise!) Were still learning how to adjust with 2, but thankfully God gives you a newborn and not a 1 year old to start off with.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A day at the zoo

Sorry the pics don't go with the story. We forgot the camera for the zoo
So, when Thad's parents were here, Doc and Gigi, we took a trip to the zoo. Hayden and I have a pass so we go all the time. But i thought it would be a fun outing for Hayden to do with his grandparents. Thad was not with us because he had to work.
So off we went to the zoo. Presley was just under 2 weeks old. And really this was our first big outing. So we pack the car, and remember, there is 5 of us in a 5 seater car. So gigi is squished in teh back between the car seats! to funny! shes a sport. And of course, i think we went on a friday, the zoo is packed. It was one of the first days out of school. We finally find parking and get inside. and of course, hayden does not want out of his stroller. AND he could care less about the animals! And then i proceed to only make it worse. I try to ask him a zillion times if he wants out of the stroller to look at the animals...and he again, could care less. So after he ate all the snacks i packed, he was ready to look a little more. Ok, so he was hungry. ( i just hate it though when you make all the effort to do something like the zoo, adn then your kid doesn't even care..)
Ok and another problem was the shoes H picked to wear. Gigi got him new crocs ( which we are so thankful for and I love that he can slip them on himself!) but they were a little big. so every time he got in and out of the stroller they proceeded to fall off!!! so that was annoying. And then also he had to get in and out HIMSELF every time, heaven forbid we tried to help him! And then to make matters worse, if we did help him he would yell at us, that includes doc and gigi. Thats such a great feeling to have your child yell at your inlaws!!! HOW EMBARRASING!!Two is such a great age.....!
okay, so now we have made it to the elephants. I just sit down and then hear H screaming. His head was stuck inbetween the bars. So i quickly run over there and push it in and then out. Does that make sense. But he was a mess after that. Later gigi told me she was almost in a panic.....but i just figured if he got his head in, it had to come out. ( Sometimes i think i need to worry a bit more.....that could have been bad) So that was not great.
Okay now were trying to make it back to the car. I tell H that he is going to go potty with gigi before we leave. He yells no from the stroller. we talk about it. We keep going, he proceeds to yell no continually. So lovely. Im so embarrassed yet again. We stop, i take him out and spank his hand. He falls apart......we talk hug, etc. We get to the potty, he wont go......okay, so gigi goes and he sits in time out. this takes awhile. Okay, gigi is done, H won't leave his time out. So i just tell him mommy is leaving, i start walking. After im like 30ft?? away, H starts running a dead sprint and screaming "mummy!" Then says he has to go potty! i just looked at my inlaws!!!!! What the heck do i do. I was ready for him to suffer the consequences and let him wet himself. But instead.....i took him!
After the potty, while were super whining and thinks doc and gigi have left, we get to the stroller and doc gives him some popcorn. He hurts his toe getting in the stroller. Crying.Then once in the stroller, he drops a popcorn and insists on getting out to get it. Anyways, somehow he catipults himself out and falls on his face. And this point i wanted to start crying and wished i could teleport us home. Or just walk away. Anyways, we got it together. got the the car. Presley was an hour past her feeding but she did not cry on the way home like i thought she might have. Praise the Lord!!!!
So that was our lovely zoo day. And we have had many lovely days since.........which i will blog about later. H loves Presley......hes so sweet to her. he's just super grumpy in the mornings and definitely testing us. I could write all day..........sorry this was long

A day at the zoo

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Labor story

our good friends George, Linds, and Joey!
H wasn't that interested in her at the hospital. He was more interested in the sliding curtain and the hospital room!
Our WONDERFUL friends Phil and Erin who came to watch H at 430Am!

Hat made by nana, blankie made by Gigi! One spoiled girl already!
My chunker!
Daddy love!

Okay. So I don't know if anybody cares about this stuff....but i was super curious when i was pregnant about everyone else's i thought i would share mine.
So i would say i was 1-4 days overdue with little girl......well not so little.....girl presley. The contractions woke me up at 2am on tues morn. I had about 2 more before i started timing then at 245am. The first few were 5-6 min apart and then they only got closer. I turned on "my best friends wedding"and timing them. I woke thad up at 330 ( i think,,,,,,,it honestly getting foggy in my head now) and then got in the bath. I was trying to wait tilll 5am to call our friends to come watch H, but i think we called them at 415?? So i was going to try to dry my hair. well the contractions got to painful....and more frequent so i had to lay down. And this is when they got very painful. Our wonderful friends got there around 445 and i went straight to the car. sorry if this is tmi but i threw up, or dry heaved 3 times on the way to the hospital. Once we were there the check in went smooth and i was 4-5. I got in my room and the epidural came like 5 min later! After that life was wonderful!!!!!!!! With H i tried no epidural and made it till 6cm, but 7 by the time the doc came. This time.......well, i was not trying to go without one.....but I was very happy once it was in. Compared to a contraction...for me, i cant even feel the epidural!
So after that, i was a happy camper! The doc came in. we chatted etc. Life was good. At 7am i was 7 and then at 9am i was 10cm! ya. i pushed a bit with the nurse and then we had to wait for the doc.
Pushing was hard. I was very tired before we even began. ( i know, i sound so wimpy....) But i pushed i guess for 30 min with the doc..and then she was born at 9:48 am. And when she came out, thad saw the docs hand on her back and thought, " she is bigger than H". and was she ever. The doc was like, " We got a big girl here!" ya , no kidding. 9.94lbs, and 21.5 inch! We had no idea she was going to be so big!!!!! No wonder pushing was so hard!!!!!!!!! I mean, i still can't believe it!
So, but we never knew when my water broke. When the doc checked me at 7am, once again, maybe tmi, she said she could feel hair and asked if my water broke. i said i didn't think so. But I think it must have already because i never felt it after that? i found that weird.
I was shocked when i saw her. She had a head full of dark hair...and was so big. Not what i was expecting. She looked just like thad's sister and i thought she would look like Hayden! But her look has changed, she has thads mom and sister's nose but is beginning to really look like H.
It took us a while to name her.....but we decided on Presley Kate ( after my sister) Williams.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

so ready

okay, so im pretty ready for this baby. I mean, im excited and can't wait for her to get here. But im not ready for the waking up 3 times a night thing......and all that goes with that. But im getting impatient and just want her to come! i still have a week and a half ( if not 2 ). but i go to the doc tomorrow. until then, im just trying to be patient and nap as often as possible!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moved In! and More

So were officially moved in. I know it has been awhile since i last updated. We have been busy. And now, im just tired and lazy, and ready for this baby girl to get here.
The move went really well. We did it all in one day. We have painted Hayden's room a light blue which were very happy with. Thad has made the basement his art gallery because he says im not letting him put anything on the main floor. But there is just not room.........
Were working on getting the backyard ready. It looks great and doesnt need landscaping or anything, just stuff for Hayden. We found a kids bb hoop and t-ball set at a garage sale this weekend. and yesterday we got a climber/ slide thing. and also at the garage sales we got him a trike for 1$, even though he had one, but he likes this one more right now. I was more just trying to get the yard ready for when the baby comes, that Hayden will have things to play with, besides mommy and a ball! And hopefully we might have a sandbox soon. quote from my brother " ya, i can help build a sandbox. When i come down for Lauren's thing, i can build it then" meaning, when i have the baby!!!!!! ya, lauren's thing!
so I think were doing pretty good. everything is pretty much unpacked. I'm more focused on baby now. Im 4 weeks out ( maybe 3, ) but feel like its coming any day. I have to get that mindset out of my head!!!!! I cleaned on monday, hoping i wouldn't have to again before she came, but i highly doubt it. Honestly, i wouldn't be ready if i had her today, but in the next 2 weeks would be good.
Anyways, thought i would update you guys, sorry i havent' been that faithful. just lazy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tulips and Decorating

We went to the tulips on sunday with my parents. They were beautiful this year! Last year they were late and we didn't get to see them, and this year was perfect. Thad really enjoyed seeing them this year, and probably finally understood what i was talking about. They just make for such great pictures!
Since we are moving in less than 2 weeks......and im pregnant and def beginning to nest, i am thinking about decorating alot! And I need help. Does anyone know any good websites with pictures? etc? I think i am being over eager, cause i really can't do that much being preg so it will have to wait until after. I just realized i can't even paint.........but we were only going to paint Hayden's room anywyas, so Thad gets that wonderful job! yah! But im just thinking down the road.......I know decorating isn't the most important thing in the world! There are much bigger things, but that is whats on my mind right now! so any tips, especially about boys rooms, send them this way.........

Monday, April 12, 2010

Palm Springs, Hollywood and Venice Beach

We had the lucky privilege of going to Palm Springs for Spring break with Thad's parents and brother, (doc and gigi, and clayton). We had great weather every day! It was 80ish and sunny, Hayden swam everyday! He loved it. Uncle Clayton bought H an Elmo, which he loves! And he of course got easter treats, and his first remote control car from his doc and gigi.
And then for two days the three of us got to go to Hollywood and Venice beach, santa monica, etc. Thad really wanted to see these things and loved it. He especially wanted to see muscle beach and the bb court in venice beach.
The 2 days in LA were great but hard. Hayden only napped in the car like 45 min each day....which is way to little for him ( my 3 hour napper) and he had been getting up at 530am each he was just tired most of the time. But he did do great for the lack of sleep he had. And then at the hotel we all went to bed at 9....which actually worked. thad and i thought after he was asleep we could turn on the tv or something.........well, nope! cause we were out to!
at the santa monica pier

Hollywood Blvd.
Jumping in the pool!

am i a star or what! hollywood got to me!
What a poser! with his Doc and Gigi

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cont'd- House

So, more on the house. It is a 3 bed 2 ba house. Built in 1923, so it is very old. But to me, on the inside, it has had lots of updates and looks great. We saw alot of old houses, and this one I would have never guessed what that old. It has new appliances (yah!) and a nice big eat in kitchen!! The cabinets are pretty good, as long as i have cabinets im happy! It is 2000sq ft. which is more than we ever thought we would get and has a HUGE YARD!!!!! Those two things probably sold us on the house the most!
One awkward thing is that each bedroom is on a seperate floor. So ours will be on the main floor, and then there is one upstairs and downstairs. Our plan is to put Hayden upstairs, and then put the girl on this "landing" upstairs, and then if , BIG IF, she is a good sleeper after 6 months to a year, have her and H share a room. Im hoping it will work! But well see, we have options......
So, the picture above is of H's room. Most of the house has pretty nuetral colors, beige, etc, so im not really thinking of painting a ton. But i was thinking of painting H's room. Im not so worried about a color cause i was thinking lighter blue or green, and then when we move the girl in, well just put her stuff on the wall and Im sure it will be fine. Im not a huge lover of pink, but i know well have some pink.......but pink can go with both of those. So i have been looking at pics online for ideas.......but im not very confident in this home decorating/ painting area. So if anyone out there has ideas, or pics,.......throw them at me! Ive picked one color, green, once for a bathroom, and its ok, it just ended up being a little light. So im ready for advice!

Monday, March 22, 2010

New House

Ta Da! So this hopefully is our new house! Real Estate is a little different in Canada and the States. My mom keeps asking me when were going to remove the contingencies......and they don't do that here. They call that the inspection phase. So we have had our inspection and were waiting on them to hopefully say yes to our demands. Which we think we can come to an agreement im thinking that its ours......( or the banks i should say!)
It is located in west seattle, so Im going to have to give up my nice location to the zoo......but i will be oh so close to the beach! West Seattle has amazing views of the sound everywhere, and views back of the city. So it will be a change.....well have to switch churches.......etc, but well still be at a mars that will be nice.
my boy just woke up GRUMPY! so more later!

Monday, March 1, 2010

This and Thad

i can't remember what this is from. Just cute
At the zoo with George (dad) and Joey

Zoo Day

Glued to the tv in Nana's bed!
A Day at the Beach

New Big Boy Bed!
Great Shot!

Well, this wasn't going to be a back tracking update but when i looked at my photos, i decided it had to be. Thad had 2 days off for winter break ( who's heard of that?) so we went to Canada for the weekend. And then came back and thankfully we live in such a great and wonderful city that puts us 5 min from the zoo and we took advantage of both. That is one reason why we LOVE LOVE our location. But we went to the zoo with our friends George, Lindsey and Joey. And we let the boys ride the carousel. Hayden was a little unsure but then liked it.
The next day we went to the beach for the afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and Hayden enjoyed throwing rocks into the ocean and making sand castles. They have a stream that leads to the ocean so that is alot of fun to build dams and make different paths for the water.
AND there is also pics of the big bed. He STILL hasn't gotten out, which i cant believe and thank my lucky stars everyday, but i just thought i would throw those on here.
Next week my cousin and her kids , aunt, and mom are coming down for a couple days and I think well return to the zoo and beach and maybe flight museum for the boys. BUT i cant wait. it is going to be so much fun! Hayden loves Milanne (5yr girl) so it will be lots of fun for him!
Not to much else is new. Were still on the house hunt. Just trying to decide location....etc, what were willing to compromise.......