Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5 am

5 am. The time Hayden has been waking up for the last week! It is EARLY! He did this all last winter so I am scared that it is back for good. Right now im just trying to let him cry it out and maybe he will go back to sleep. Most days i can do it but once i just gave in. He will come lay in bed with me for about 20 min and then he gets up .....and if he could open our door he would. We then move to the couch where he watched tv for an hour and i doze..........terrible mommy! but really, i dont feel bad for having the tv on that early in the morning. But i do pray that this stops soon. On monday we kept him up till 945pm because we had our small group, hoping this would surely make him sleep in......didn't work, just super tired boy the next day. So well see.........
Tomorrow is thanksgiving yah! We are hosting a friends thanksgiving for our friends that don't have family close! Thankfully......i am not doing the turkey. That would make me a bit nervous. But it should be a good time.....
And i am really looking forward to getting our CHRISTMAS TREE this weekend! I am dying to pull out my decorations.....but i will wait until thanksgiving is over. I want to start doing all these christmas events..... so i cant wait for friday!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Long time

SO! I know it has been a long time since i have written. And i have been thinking that for weeks, but i just feel i never had anything to say. Not that i have anything that great today.
We have been super busy lately though. Hayden and I, and my parents went to TN for my sister's senior night, for soccer and of course saw and stayed with Thad's parents. We were there 6 days and had BEAUTIFUL weather, sun everyday and i think hayden spent 90% of his time outside. Which was great.
Then we came home and had our good friends Andy and Natalie come from TN for a long weekend. We had a blast with them and went up to Vancouver for one night. It was a busy fast visit but lots of fun. We were all supposed to go see Elton John and Billy Joel when they were here, but Elton John got e-coli and the flu, so the show was cancelled! so that was a big bummer. But we still had alot of fun.
They left about a week ago and we have just been catching up and getting back to life. It seems that with the holidays coming things are going to stay busy. But i am so excited for christmas and christmas things to do. Get a tree, see the parade, see the lighting of the tree here in seattle, go to this caroling thing downtown.......etc. And one of my favorites is going to the christmas train in Vancouver, i think Hayden would love it this year, so well see if we can squeeze that in.
I haven't put any pics on the computer in forever sorry!
Not to much is new with Hayden. I swear he wakes up dancing ,he is a dancing machine. He LOVES LOVES music, so that is alot of fun. Once again, i love this stage he is in! it just gets better and better!