Wednesday, March 2, 2011

H Quotes

Were about to play candyland
H: Presley is yellow.
me: oh, presley is playing with us?
H: well jesus and presley are yellow, they are playing together.

That night at dinner.
H: wheres my milk?
i go looking for it
me: where is your milk. i found it
H: (singing) Go shorty. you found it. go shorty. you found it
note: the only reason he knows this song is because we have a dancing blingy frog that sings a version of the song. go shorty, its your birthday. were gonna party like its your birthday, etc. And we got it from thads mom!

I go to check on him last night and he's reading in bed.
H: im learning to read
me: good. can i teach you to read tomorrow
H: no, Jesus is teaching me to read
Me : oh. thats good. So i cant teach you tomorrow?
H: no. Jesus is teaching me.

Also Hayden is now using the term forever. The other night in bed i went to check on him and he goes " you were taking forever mom". The next day on the way to BSF he goes, " its taking forever to get to school". We then talked about what forever means ......and that its not taking forever, just 10 min. And that it doesn't take forever to get to nana and papas either , just a long time. Then we went on to learn that only Jesus loves us forever, and heaven is forever. So now when asked what is forever, he just says Jesus! always a good answer!