Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A week in the Big TN

So we bought tickets very last minute deciding to go to tn. Thad had late winter break, but we were going to stay in town because he had his UW class, but then that got cancelled. So we quickly bought tickets for teh following week to TN.
I was a little worried about Hayden on the plane, but by now i feel like a professional, and i had gravol this time, i thought i was clear. So i gave him the Gravol, but i didnt give enough, so Thad and I watched the Gravol try to work and Hayden fought it off. And i mean fought it off. He started flialing his body back and forth and acting really crazy, and yelling etc. I thought i had really hooped myself. So the flailing didnt last too long but then he wasnt tired. So 2 hours into it, the man ahead of me turns around and asks me to have my son stop hitting his seat. And his seat is fully reclined in my face and haydens face! So i say in a not so very nice voice, " im sorry, there is not alot of room here" and he says," well its been 2 hours, 2 hours" and i was like, " he can either hit your seat or scream buddy!" and he turned back around half way through my talking. I was livid! i dont think Thad knew what to do. He was also angry at the man, but then was trying to to laugh after i called him buddy! I was so so livid! i almost burst into tears at him. I think i fumed for15 min after. so......Hayden thankfully flailed himself one more time and then passed out. Thank goodness. That lasted about an hour and then I stood the last 45 min. Then we landed. WE had another 1.15min flight after, adn he did well. i was glad to be in TN.
We had a really good time there. We got to hang out alot with Thads parents which was so good becuase thad didnt really get to see them over thanksgiving. They had such a great time with Hayden. And Hayden thourally (sp?) enjoyed there dogs. I think he especially loved them because he could tell the dogs no. It was quite funny. We also saw some friends and of course my sister. One day it was even like 68degrees, and then the next 32. The weather there is crazy.
The flight home was better. We were delayed for 2.5 hours before takeoff, so they rebooked us our connection, bu ti still gave hayden the gravol like an hour to early. But in the end he slept almost all of the plane rides and did really well! And then we had a not so great night when we got home at 1230/ 230 (our time). But that was okay, he slept on the planes.
So now were home, back to routine, Hayden got an ear infection in tn, and now has a cough, but hes almost better. He is getting faster and faster and i think he almost ran this morning. He has also gotten really , i dont know the word. but he gets his blanky and pacifier and pillow and lays down on the ground. and he never sits still,s o that is definelty different. I dont know if its the sickness, or that he learned from the planes that his blanky is for snuggling?? who knows.
i have pics from tn coming!
I have pics from TN coming soon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Usual Stuff

Subbing went well. On tues morning they called and asked if i would work in the afternoon as well, and i sadly said yes. But it turned out to be a good thing. The morning with fifth graders went alright, subbing is not really fun or easy, not that i expected it to be. But in the first 5 minutes of my lesson i had one boy tell another he was going to kill him. He really was a nice boy, he just doesnt do well with change, and needed alot of attention that i couldn't give. But the rest of the morning went well, i acutally taught math........hadn't done that in awhile. and then in the afternoon I had special ed, grade 3-6, which i LOVED! Because i only had 5 students and an aid, so it was great. And the students were so sweet, so that was nice.
I haven't subbed since, weve been a bit crazy. Right now I am back at my parents and Thad is in San Fransisco, (hence why i am here). I just couldn't imagine spending 4 days and having no one coming home at the end of the day..so i came back here. Hopefully i will do some more work when i get back, i need to get into the swing of things to make it easier.
Hayden is a walking machine, pointing machine, and trying to talk machine. I know he is trying so hard to communicate, and its so cute, so i just guess and keep on talking. He definelty knows what is HOT these days, and he does the sign with it. Practically everything on teh counter where he sits, the coffee maker, the toaster, the espresso maker, the stove...... so alot of things. And he loves things that make noise, the coffee grinder, blowdryer, mixer, etc. I think he might become a chef because he loves the kitchen so much!
We also have been loving the weather lately. The past 2 days, tues and wed, have been gorgeous, so weve gone to the park. I think he technically actually played at the park for the first time, walking around, getting on things.......it was alot of fun. I would say he is officially a big boy now! Which im happy and sad at the same time, I cant wait to do more activities with him!
anyways, this is long enough. thanks for reading!