Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is Canada

I love these "jammies"
In Vancouver at the christmas train

Since we are leaving for TN tonight ( in 3 hours for the airport) ( also on a red eye with Hayden , a few prayers needed!) we did Christmas with my family this past weekend. My sister was home from college so we were all there. It was a great time. We tried to go on the Christmas train at stanley park but due to some differences of opinions we did not buy tickets ahead of time, so we didn't get to go. But we stayed at looked at all the lights and went for dinner. Hayden didn't know he was going to get to go on the train, but he looked at it with much longing.....i really wanted him to be able to go, but there is always next year. We opened presents with my fam and did christmas with my mom's extended side. So it really felt like Christmas.
Hayden now has WAY to many toys. With birthday and Christmas so close together, he is really getting to know what presents are. And today, he started asking for more!!!!!!!! just great!!! And luckily and unluckily there will be more in TN....so well see how that goes.

Birthday Party Pics

Here are some pics from Hayden's birthday party. It was alot of fun. I can't take credit for the cake. I WAS going to do it and then i showed my mom the pic and she took over/ did it for me. She is much better at that fine detail stuff than me anyways. Mine would have been much.......... lets say.....pretty!

Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree.../ Happy Birthday

Well, we actually got our tree the weekend after thanksgiving, but like my usual self, I'm not writing about it until now. We planned on going to a farm and cutting one down, but.... we ended up just going down the street to a lot and picking one out! i know, not so christmassy fun. But Hayden did love running around in all the trees. He was chasing Nana! so cute. and when they started the saw to cut off the bottom......he was mesmerized!l
When we got home I poked Hayden in the eye trying to put on his hat, and then we tried to get a picture of him with the tree ( since we forgot to take the camera) and this is what we got. (picture above) But he did love getting the tree. There are a few more pics of us decorating the tree.
The top pic is the one we got of Hayden with Santa! That was the first time he sat down. We went to the mall the sat after thanksgiving and there was not one person in line! I could not believe it. So Hayden got two attempts. The second time he had a little more preparation from me and I told him to tell Santa he wanted Bob ( Bob the builder) . So I put Hayden down, he looked at Santa and said "bob" and then looked at the camera for one sec and then cried! So the second shot was of him looking at santa, but you couldn't really see his face, so we opted for the crying one, more true to the event!
We also had Hayden's birthday party this past sat. night. He turned two on sat so we had the party and opened gifts, did cake. We haven't got the pics on yet, but i am proud of the cake, even though my mom did most of it. Hayd got lots of great gifts and is now in love with them all. He doesn't want to nap, leave the house, or go to bed! I am very thankful for the new toys, mommy was having to be pretty entertaining lately. I think he was tired of the old ones, not that i think kids should have a ton of toys........just a newbie here and there to change it up! Having birthday and christmas together makes its hard.
And a little other news.....were expecting baby #2! Most of you probably already know but i thought i would put in on here. Were due june 4-10ish.... and hopefully find out the sex in early jan! Im glad to be done the first trimester and am feeling some ( not alot ) but some energy back!