Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Labor story

our good friends George, Linds, and Joey!
H wasn't that interested in her at the hospital. He was more interested in the sliding curtain and the hospital room!
Our WONDERFUL friends Phil and Erin who came to watch H at 430Am!

Hat made by nana, blankie made by Gigi! One spoiled girl already!
My chunker!
Daddy love!

Okay. So I don't know if anybody cares about this stuff....but i was super curious when i was pregnant about everyone else's labor....so i thought i would share mine.
So i would say i was 1-4 days overdue with little girl......well not so little.....girl presley. The contractions woke me up at 2am on tues morn. I had about 2 more before i started timing then at 245am. The first few were 5-6 min apart and then they only got closer. I turned on "my best friends wedding"and timing them. I woke thad up at 330 ( i think,,,,,,,it honestly getting foggy in my head now) and then got in the bath. I was trying to wait tilll 5am to call our friends to come watch H, but i think we called them at 415?? So i was going to try to dry my hair. well the contractions got to painful....and more frequent so i had to lay down. And this is when they got very painful. Our wonderful friends got there around 445 and i went straight to the car. sorry if this is tmi but i threw up, or dry heaved 3 times on the way to the hospital. Once we were there the check in went smooth and i was 4-5. I got in my room and the epidural came like 5 min later! After that life was wonderful!!!!!!!! With H i tried no epidural and made it till 6cm, but 7 by the time the doc came. This time.......well, i was not trying to go without one.....but I was very happy once it was in. Compared to a contraction...for me, i cant even feel the epidural!
So after that, i was a happy camper! The doc came in. we chatted etc. Life was good. At 7am i was 7 and then at 9am i was 10cm! ya. i pushed a bit with the nurse and then we had to wait for the doc.
Pushing was hard. I was very tired before we even began. ( i know, i sound so wimpy....) But i pushed i guess for 30 min with the doc..and then she was born at 9:48 am. And when she came out, thad saw the docs hand on her back and thought, " she is bigger than H". and was she ever. The doc was like, " We got a big girl here!" ya , no kidding. 9.94lbs, and 21.5 inch! We had no idea she was going to be so big!!!!! No wonder pushing was so hard!!!!!!!!! I mean, i still can't believe it!
So, but we never knew when my water broke. When the doc checked me at 7am, once again, maybe tmi, she said she could feel hair and asked if my water broke. i said i didn't think so. But I think it must have already because i never felt it after that? i found that weird.
I was shocked when i saw her. She had a head full of dark hair...and was so big. Not what i was expecting. She looked just like thad's sister and i thought she would look like Hayden! But her look has changed, she has thads mom and sister's nose but is beginning to really look like H.
It took us a while to name her.....but we decided on Presley Kate ( after my sister) Williams.