Monday, October 6, 2008

So, Hayden is now pulling up on most things. He stands in his crib all the time, and can pull up on the edge of the tub, and can crawl in the tub. He just started the crawling in the tub like 2 baths ago, and he is getting so careful to fall and put his face in the water, he is getting so BIG! And he also now pulls on my pant leg, it is so so cute, of course I will give in to that. And yesterday he crawled all the way from the family room into the kitchen. Its not like our house is huge or anything, but that is the farthest he has crawled. Usually if something is to far away, he doesn't think he can get there. But i'm so proud of him!
This weekend we are going to Canada for Canadian Thanksgiving, and I am very excited. I guess making friends here will just come with time, but it can be lonely at times, so it is always a welcome trip to go home and be surrounded by people you love. Living here without family is hard, it has made me really appreciate the time we had in TN, and all the family dinners and just shooting the breeze time, when everything was so convienent(sp?). And it has also made me feel for people without family, or who do not get along with their family. What must their life be like? And that has also made me think alot about foster kids? What must their life be like? Could thad and I do it? I think im more into it than thad, but its just been on my mind lately, not any time soon.........anywyas, hayden has woken up from his nap! and were off to the store!