Thursday, November 6, 2008

SO, we have had our first scare with Hayden. I was in the kitchen and opened the oven, and thad came in and was talking to me, and then next thing we know, Hayden has his hand on the oven, (while open) and kinda just made a noise, so we grabbed him and put his hand under cold water. I was worried it would bubble and be a bad burn, but in the end, i think he hated putting his hand under cold water more anything, because there was no burn!!!!!! so we were very thankful! and then at bath time he bonked his head on the tub, so it was a rough evening! He was ready for bed after all that.
And now we are fighting a cold with him. So his nose is CONSTANTLY RUNNING! and he hates getting it wiped of course, so the next morning, we fought to change the diaper and wipe the nose, and then as soon as that was done, he busted his lip on his favorite piano from Mamaw! and we had blood on our freshly dressed cream canada sweatshirt........... all before i even had a sip of coffee. But after that we had a great day. and i have to go because hayden is fighting me to touch the computer! thanks for listening!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hayden was our little dragon/ dinosaur for Halloween, and a good one too. We took him trick-or-treating in our neighbourhood and got some good candy. Surprisingly only about 35% of the houses had lights on. Some friends were telling me the thing to do now is to go to the mall and trick or treat there and parents like it because they don't have to walk around in the dark. We went with our neighbour Liz and her son Elijah, who was a bear ( sorry no pic).He was tired by the time it was over. And on sat. night we had a small group party where he got to wear his costume again. Thad was a wrestler and i was a 70s disco girl.
Also last weekend we went to see Brian,Deann and Evan in Portland (thads aunt and uncle). And we went to the pumpkin patch again with Evan, so that is the picture. We had a great time and are so happy to have family so close.
The last picture is of Hayden getting into my wallet, like I am sure all kids do. It kept him entertained for like at least 30 minutes. Which was wonderful for me, but we don't want to make that a habit. Im not sure if I have mentioned the teething, but i think we might be done for awhile.........hopefully, i might be wrong. So were sleeping through the night again, yah! But Hayden has had a bad diaper rash for about a week now, and Thad can't even change him he moves so fast, so that is kinda hard. Our first real diaper rash. And I am also thinking about hayden's first birthday. So much to think about, food, location, decorations, time....etc. So we might do a party in canada and one here, we will see?
And I also cannot wait for thanksgiving and christmas. I already starting checking out all the christmas things to do here, i love the holiday season! I added a few more pics of hayden's first pumpking carving. WE did it way to early so it was very very very moldy by halloween. But hes so cute in his halloween pajamas from Dog and Gigi!