Monday, July 20, 2009

The New House

Hayden's room

When you enter the house

The steps before. Thad has just ripped off the "outdoor carpet" that was on them to prevent slipping. The picture above is the after.

So I have been talking about some projects at the new house. I have never had a green thumb or even been interested in gardening. But this house had no flower beds or anything. So actually, today Thad put in some bushes and flowers are to come. Earlier this week he hoed up some beds from basically nothing. The soil is not so great. But i will get some pics of that soon. But anyways, this is expanding my green thumb. I remember in TN one day at our old house, Thad basically had to drag me out one spring day to plant some flowers. Now I can actually appreciate. Curb appeal does so much for a house!
Also, we are looking for some patio furniture for the front and back deck. Nothing fancy, we are hounding craigslist and good will almost everyday. But does anyone have any other good ideas of how to get cheap patio furniture, that maybe doesn't look cheap? I am waiting for 2 responses on craigslist now, but........
Also, were looking for a trike for Hayden. We would LOVE a radio flyer steer one( with the parent handle on the back) but just any kind with a handle sounds good. But also, other parents out there, do you think its wise to get one with a handle. Hayden is 19 months, so do you think he can actually peddle? I kind of don't think so, but he might surpise us. And any suggestions where to get that?
I think the to pic is of Golden Gardens Beach which is like 1.5 miles from our house. WE went there last week and loved it! The computer is almost dead and HM has been sleeping for 4 hours so i think i should check him.....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Poolside Vaca!

Just eating some popcorn at the pool!
With daddy
Nana and Papa

At the spray park in Kelowna that he loved!
At a winery with "mum" and dad

Walking in Kelowna!
Swimming in Kelowna!
At the Canada day parade!
this was how we travelled at the zoo with Evangaline! They didnt do much riding!

We gave HM a mohawk one day!

Hayden at the old house having a popsicle
Okay, so once again, the computer savy girl that i am. My pictures uploaded in the wrong order so the most recent are at the top.
Well, at the end of the month we moved from south seattle to Ballard. The move went really well, my parents and brother came up to help, and they were a HUGE help! Then , they took HM home with them until we came on wed, so that was greatly appreciated. Thad and I unpacked and got in a date night. It was very nice. We then went up to Canada for 2 days and celebrated Canada Day!
On Friday Thad and I got to leave HM again and go to Kelowna for 2 nights for our 5 year anniversary. We also had a great time and relaxed by the pool and went to a winery for lunch and out for dinners! Then on Sunday my parents come up with Hayden for the week. So then we were there for the week together. We had so so weather but then it got nice the last day and half, so we did end up getting some, i say some sun. Hayden had such a good time swimming and hanging out with his Nana and Papa. We were on the third floor so we didnt have a yard, so that was a little different for Hayden. I think he wanted to be outside alot.He basically wakes up saying outside.
After our lovely vacation, we got to come home to our new house. We LOVE living in Ballard because of the location. We can walk to alot, restaurants, shops, grocery store, the water. It is great. We have had wonderful weather since we have been home also. Thad has stripped and repainted the front stairs, hoed flower beds, repainted the railing, and organized all his office "junk". And the last was probably the hardest for him believe it or not! We are also going to repaint the bathroom, so we have had a few projects for this house, but we really do love it. It has a very open floorplan, a great kitchen, and the rooms are really big. The bathroom is lacking along with the yard so.........were doing our best to improve those.
Anyway, i will get pics of the house up soon. Sorry for ignoring the blog for so long!