Monday, July 28, 2008

Watercolor, Florida

This past week we spent time in Watercolor with pretty much the whole fam. Rebecca and Chip weren't able to join us and we missed them,
but everyone else was there. We love Florida and this was an especially great trip because it was a great time to wind down before the big move, no more landscape work for me, and we had beautiful weather. It was hot, sunny and not too crowded. We ate great seafood, had a nice girls night out followed by of course our own guys night out. Hayden did great at the pool and even made several beach appearances. The little blue eyed, blond baby even got a little tan. He also got his first tooth. I think it had been trying to come through for some time now and finally did! However, Hayden's sleep pattern while on vacation went from 8 to 8 when at home to oh......waking up at midnight, 2 or 3 am and then 5:30 ready to start the day. It did not help either that he slept in our room literally right next to us. I am just glad Lauren is smooth and great and handling an angry little man (and big man) at all hours of the night and morning. I enjoyed the mornings that I was able to get up early with Hayden and either take him on a run or play with him and he is a happy, playful baby! It was a great week getting to be around him all day and night! Hayden also did great in the car ride down and back. He is getting big, so I know the car seat cannot be that comfortable. He did good, but not good enough to ride across the country with me!

Well we are back in Jackson now and spending our last few days here packing up boxes, seeing friends and family, and getting everything ready for our move to Seattle. We are excited to move forward and begin our lives in Seattle and closer to all of you who are in the NW, however sad and it is beginning to sink in how much we are going to miss everyone here (especially Doc and Gigi). But visits back and forth and we will try to do a better job blogging and sending pics. Also we are working on positing videos or at least links to youtube of Hayden doing different things. He is really growing up! thad

A Visit with Paul, Kari & Micah

We are a little behind in posting, but nevertheless here we go! Paul, Kari and Micah our close friends from Union times were kind enough to visit us in Jackson for a few days before they leave for Africa for two years and we leave for Seattle. We love Paul, Kari and Micah and have been waiting since both Hayden and Micah were born to get the two little guys together. It was a great time of visiting, eating good food, laughing at Paul and Lauren's interactions, playing in the pool, and a few good games of Wii. We got some great pics of both the boys. It was a great time and we miss them already!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fourth of July/ Birthday

   Well, Hayden does not like his green beans. Yesterday he would not open his mouth to eat them, or i tried mango to see if I could alternate, and he would not open for the mango either, but he finally did for sweet potatoes!  What a stinker.  He is being very cute these days. He loves it when you tickle him, and he LOVES his daddy. I was just saying to Thad the other day, how I think he knows he is a boy, and that Thad is as well, because he just loves to look at Thad. When Thad is home, he follows him wherever he goes.  But he loves his mummy too!  I think he just woke up from his nap!
   Last week was also my birthday and fourth of July.  We hung out in the pool all day and played some croquet. Clayton won the tournament.  Gigi made me an apple cake for my birthday and we opened presents. I got some of my china, that i wanted, finally trying to finish that.  When it got dark we watched Clayton set off some fireworks. They were good, but loud!
    Also, we have found a house in seattle! YAH! I think everything should be good. The owners were just checking out one more thing before they said that we could rent it.  We will be living with Blake Waggoner, our friend from Union. A very laid back, smart fellow! He is also going to Univ. of Washington to do an engineering masters, and he will also be working at the University.  He also does not know anyone in Seattle, and would have liked to live with some other guys, but once again, doesn't know anyone, so we thought why not? We have found a 4 bed 2 bath house in Rainier Beach (south Seattle).  It is a blue house in a quiet nice neighbourhood, half a block from a park! yah!  It has one bed and bath and rec room downstairs, on the main floor a kitchen, dining room, living room, bed and bath,a nd then upstairs one big bed and a smaller bed (maybe for Hayden). It is all redone on the inside, hardwood floors! I am very excited about the neighbourhood and just can't wait to get there and see it myself. My Parents have seen it and they really like it. So were pumped!
 Well, my little stinker has woken up now, so i should run. I'll add a few pics of the birthday, i think, and more!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today is our four year anniversary! I cannot believe it has been four years already, but I can also not believe it has only been four years. We have done alot in four years, and I've loved every moment of it. Tonight we are celebrating and Thad is taking me out dinner, minus Hayden, but on sat were going to memphis for the night. And also Friday is my birthday, so this is a big week for Thad.
We are also looking for a house to rent rigtht now in seattle. My parents are going to drive down tomorrow and look at some houses we have found on craigslist. I am hopign that one of them works out. The time is narrowing down.
Hayden also ate a whole pear the other day. It was bit of a crazy day so i just kept feeding him, and he ate it all, i couldn't believe it, and he didnt spit up or anything after, with that feeding he had also eaten already sweet potatoes and rice cereal! At least he has a good appetitie. Were about to try green beans for dinner!