Thursday, January 21, 2010

Potty, paci, big boy bed

With a new year, and a new baby coming, i have a few things I need to get done (more cause of the baby). Potty training, big boy bed, and bye bye paci! So far, they have not gone in the order i would have thought which was paci, big boy bed, and potty. But am so thankful for what has happened. Hayden has shown interest in the potty for awhile and actually would tell me when he had to poop so he could use the potty ( i am so thankful and lucky!). So 2 weeks ago we started with underwear ( we had done some before on and off) and he has been doing GREAT! Like maybe 4 accidents. We started slow and wore diapers when we left the house, etc. , but now were almost just down to naps and night. He doesn't tell me when he has to pee, i have to take him, but he does tell me when he is having a accident, he frantically runs out and yells "pee!" at me. its quite cute. so were getting there.
We have a big boy bed but no were close to doing that. And paci, well, i guess that will happen last. I am not going to take it away before the bed switch.....we will just see how that goes.
Hayden is also loving his Crocs from him Gigi!! He informs everyone he sees about his crocs and that they are from Gigi. It is to funny! He barely takes them off, i had to convince him not to nap with them yesterday. and this morning he was wearing underwear ( boxer briefs like daddy, hope thats not to much info) and his crocs! i should have got a pic!
Today was and is a gorgeous day!!!!!! i am loving it. After being outside for a few hours in the sunshine, i think i could diagnose myself with SAD....or whatever its called, the sun deprivation disorder that makes you depressed. I wouldn't say i get depressed, but i feel like a new person after getting just a bit of sun. its crazy. I cant wait for summer!!!!!!!!! really. except i always forget im going to have a baby strapped to me. Which i am very excited about, i just forget when i picture hayden and I at the park, etc!
Hope your all having a great thurs!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, I don't think i put this in my last post. But probably most of you know from facebook that we are having a girl! Thad really wanted a girl, and i was trying to be open to both. But i am a bit sad that it won't be two boys......but i wanted a girl eventually so this is great. Now were just discussing names. I don't like to pick the name early or really even ahead of time. I like to see the baby and then name it. So we will probably go into it with a couple names and then decide once she is born. But its so exciting.
I also always thought there was way better girl names out there, but now i have definelty changed my mind!!! I am finding way more boy names i love than girls. And we haven't found one we love the options are endless right now. But were excited its a girl!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas in TN

We had a great time in TN for Christmas. All of thad's family was there and Hayden got to spend lots of time with his cousins and aunts and uncles. He has three cousins boy 5, girl 3.5 and girl 20 months. Hayden's favorite was the 3 year old girl. She was little miss mom to him, it was too cute. When they came in the door Hayden just yelled "Ella, upstairs". He just wanted her to go play with him in the toy room with no adults. It was to cute.......and so nice for me. He also had a good time with his other cousins to, but Ella and him had a good bond.
His grandparents also got the cousins a john deer that you can drive and Hayden loved that. He would just go in circles, but it was fun. Thad and I also got a date night and had sushi at our favorite place and then saw "invictus" good movie.
It was great to go to TN for a longer amount of time and just relax and enjoy ourselves. I know Hayden misses his Doc and Gigi already!