Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lost and Found!

This is the best pic i could find out our precious blanky!
So, as some of you know, Hayden is pretty attached to his blanky. I am trying to just use it at sleep time and car time, but it usually gets dragged around other places also. Which is why this happened!
Yesterday I went for a run pushing hayden and we brought our blanky, along with another blanket to actually keep warm, cheerios, cup, toys, etc. all to keep him content so i can get a run in. So we get back and have a busy morning trying to get ready for our first playdate at our house. So were showering, vaccuming, picking up, etc. Our friends come, we have a great time, kids get tired, moms get good socializing. good time. So our friends leave and its time for naptime. I am looking for his blanky everywhere and realize i haven't seen it since our run.I check the whole house, drawers, hiding places, can't find it. So off we trapse into the car to drive my run from the morning. The problem is Hayden is almost asleep in the car and i cant see the sidewalk becuase of parked cars. So we race home and I decide to walk it later. WELL, then it decides to downpour right when i want to walk it. But my LOVING husband says he take his bike and look for it in the rain. I have big hopes, surely he'll find it!
After Thad being gone a long time, blanky! I couldn't believe it. At least hayden hadn't noticed. I think i was more upset than he was. ( since he hadn't noticed). I just know how much he loves to cuddle with it and put his fingers through the loops, he loves that thing. And i was so sad it was gone! I could not believe it. really
So this morning i trapse off to retrace my steps again. I do the whole route and no blanket. I can't believe it. Then i realize maybe i didn't go up 24th but 20th, so i go back to check the only 2 blocks i haven't looked at , and sure enough, on the first block i look,ITS THERE! perfectly laid outand soaking wet. Some nice person hung it up for us! I was so Happy!
So for moms out there. At the beginning i didn't want Hayden to have something that he was attached to because i didn't want to lug it around, and then I decided i did want him to have something for times when i wasnt' there, like nursery etc. SO, I am so glad that we do have our blanky and that he is attached to it, because he loves it so much and that is all worth it. Now if it was gone.......that might be another story! hopefully we could have found a replacement!

Monday, September 28, 2009


So, Hayden quite often lets Thad and I know what is "mommy's" or what is "daddy's". For example, he points to the guitar and says daddy. He points to my clothes or something and says mommy..... ( now that i think of it, not alot of things are mine). So today we are at the grocery store and we buy chips like we do every week and Hayden says "Daddy". When we check out he also tells the attendant Daddy when she scans the bags. It is so cute. Really, the chips are for daddy, he eats them in his lunch and shares with Hayden when he gets home. If Daddy is having chips, you better believe hayden is having them too. But its so cute.......One thing they share that mommy is not apart of ( she gets her own bag sometimes!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You are my sunshine

my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey! okay, so Hayden is my sunshine! i dont have alot to say this time so i thought i would just tell some of the funny things hayden has done lately.
I had just dropped Hayden off at the nursery at church when his friend Joey came in. Joey got a little upset so Hayden walked over and gave him one of the two half eaten pretzels he had. Joey accepted, and then ran off happily to play! my little sharer!
I was brushing my hair yesterday and hayden was brushing his teeth ( which he does ALOT). i was putting my brush between my legs and then brushing etc. all the sudden hayden is smiling and i look and he has his toothbrush between his legs!!!!!!!! so cute..........i died laughing!
I asked him to go vacuum (with his popper) by the window, "it was very dirty". so he went and literally vacuumed the window!
We have also developed this bad habit of watching a "show" before bed or nap. Well, we are breaking it now, but the other day while watching "bob" (bob the builder, our ultimate favorite!!!! always wants to watch it and its on that doesn't really help) he looked at the tv and said "all done" did the sign, and then walked up and turned it off and went into his room to get his jammies on! i nearly kicked myslef! really? okay...lets go to bed! hilarious!
Thats my cutie for you! Like i said.....i am really loving this stage were in, talking, communicating, listening ( also disobeying and timeouts) but its really good!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Making Friends....

So, Hayden and I had a free day the other day so off we walked to the park. Alot of the times we meet friends at the park but today we just went ourselves. And the funniest thing happened. We were going up the stairs and down the slide when another little girl came to use the stairs. Hayden wanted to play with her but she was scared and ran away. So after a minute hayden followed her to the merry-go-round and she was scared again and went to a different toy.
So we left that and after a while we found ourselves at the teeter totter. Another little 3-yearold outgoing girl came and went on the teeter totter with Hayden and Hayden loved it. She went and sat really close to him ( it was a double) and he loved it. She moved away and then hayden moved closer to her. It was so cute. Then she ran off to play with her friend. And Hayden patted the seat and wanted someone else to come sit with him. So he saw another boy and was pointing at the boy and then the seat. I told him if he wanted to play he should go play with the boy. So we got off and played, (well best we could). But, in the past, i have seen other moms tell their kids to go play with others but i never thought i was there with Hayden yet, but sure enough, here we are!
And today at the beach another boy just came up and started playing with Hayden and he loved it. I don't know why i didn't see this coming, everywhere we go he stares at other kids so....... dumb me! But its so cute, everyday i say i love this stage more than the last, but i really love the age he is at now!

Potty Training/ Helmet/ scrape Face

So, i have decided to attempt a little potty training. We first started putting Hayden on the potty before bath and he would pee. ( and if he didn't we would pour warm water over it and that always did the trick!) Also he has seen many of his friends going to the potty which really sparked his interest. So when i catch him pooping i just try to throw him on the potty. It works when i catch him, but I am working with him to try to tell me before. But i am expecting this to be a long process. But we went on and got the underwear and rubber pants and try to wear them when we are at home. M and m's are a prize that he loves....... one time i told him he would get 5 m and m's for pooping and he instantly starting pushing. It was hilarious!!!!!!! So it was going pretty well but i have lost some motivation lately. We also need to get rid of the Pacifier (soother) so, i was debating which to do first, potty training or paci, and now have decided that potty training will take a long time, so paci will have to go soon. hoping next week? but don't hold me to it.
This is what he does when i tell him to smile. ( He copies what i do)

We also have gotten Hayden a helmet for his trike. ( In the pic above he wanted his blanky with him so i threw it in the back of his shirt, he doesn't usually wear it like that. But he does love it!) At first he did not want to wear it but then i told him it would make him go fast and he put it on. Ever since he points to his helmet and says fast! so cute. He also really likes it, as you can tell he wanted to wear it when his friends were over!
We also got a seat for him on Thad's bike and he definitely needs the helmet for that! It makes me a little nervous for me to ride with for now, Thad gets to. Which is a welcome break for me!
Also, i found this pic from early july. We were walking back from dinner out and Hayden got a little to excited and took a fall. It didn't look bad that night, but the next day it was not so good! But he recovered just fine!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heirloom Tomatoes...$$$

So my new favorite thing are heirloom tomatoes. My friend brought some over for us and I fell in love! I don't really even like tomatoes, but they were so good. Then a few weekends later some other friends of ours got some fresh veggies at a farmers market, and they were so so good! way better than regular. And i also got some heirloom tomatoes.........little did i know 4 tomatoes would cost 11$. i almost had a heart attack! I definelty learned my lesson. But after having those costly tomatoes,.......i almost would by one a week for $4/lb. They are so good. you could say i am obsessed. So now i am a believer in farmers markets. i always knew they were good, but i always thought pricey. Which i still think, but i will make the sacrifice for tomatoes ( not heirloom..) cucumbers and a very light green, almost clear pepper! so good! And last time i saw a purple pepper......what treasures i will find next?

long awaited pics

At the train museum in Snoqualmie Falls. He love loves trains!
Doesn't his Doc have the best camera!

Cozy in Osoyoos
Family mini golf

We had teh best time when Thad's parents were here. Doc has such a great camera so he got some wonderful shots of Hayden! Hope you enjoy them!