Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hayden's Homework

Here is Hayden helping Blake with his homework! yah right. Hayden loves loves Blake. Whenever he is home, Hayden wants to know what he is doing.  So one night while Blake was busy doing homework like always, Hayden goes in there and we caught this shot.  Hes so smart!
   Some new news around here is that my daycare lady wasn't certified so the state found out and shut her down!!!!!! And i am mad. We had a great thing going.  She could take Hayden whenever, and she was cheap, and he loved going there. So all things were good. So now, i cant work because we have no childcare. So this all happened yesterday, so its not a huge deal. but were looking for other options now. makes you realize how good we had it!  Not that this is life threatening or anything......but, and i also don't mind not working.   I love love spending the day with my cutie.
  Today we went to the park for an hour and a half. That is a new record for us.  It was such a mild day here, I could not believe it.  We were going to go to the play place in southcenter because i thought it was cold......but it was so nice out that we switched routes and went to the park.  And Hayden can now go up the stairs, (on his knees) and down the slide by himself. I cannot believe it!!!!!!! He is learning so fast.  And he did not want to leave the park also.  But he was tired when we did leave.  I thought he might stay up at home for another hour when we got home, but no......straight to bed. so that was nice!
 Time to run. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not much news

So i am updating this from a classroom where I am subbing. Don't worry, the students are at PE. I just had a little extra time, so I thought why not? Life has been going well. For our friends in TN, we have still had some snow lately, i think the last 2 weeks it snowed twice, so its a cold march.
This week my mom has come down to watch Hayden so that I can work with free childcare! yah! So that is where i am. Subbing is going well, I think the more i do the easier it is. So each day it gets better. Yesterday when i came home, Hayden starting crying the minute he saw me and basically was a grump for an hour after i got home! so that was not pleasent to come home to. Hopefully today he will be better.
I think i have more patience with Hayden when I am with him ALL the time. When i get breaks and help, and then when it is me and Hayden again, I think i have less patience. So i don't kwno what that means, or how to solve it, but that is just my observation. So well see what happens.
My sister is coming home on friday! yah! for her spring break, so I am so excited to see her and have her come home. So were going to Canada this weekend to see her.
Not that much else is new. Thad is on break from his masters, so he almost doesnt know what to do with his free time, so hell start again in 2 weeks i think. Otherwise, life is good.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Week with the Waggoners

I came home from my run yesterday and Hayden and Thad are watching U2 on "on demand" and Hayden is so into it. His first tv watching, and its of U2, daddy was so proud. He was loving it and dancing!
This week we had the pleasure of hosting Brandt and Jill Waggoner, Blake's brother and sister in law. Blake is our roomate who came from TN as well when we moved here. We had a wonderful time with them. I know they were so happy to see Blake and spend some family time together. And they had good weather, i think it only rained one morning. So that was nice for them. Brandt and Jill loved to play with Hayden. Brandt and Blake would be in Blake's room and Hayden would just walk right in, like he was invited or something, and sit on Blake's lap (he does this quite often) or play with Blake's fan, ( one of his favorite toys). He learned to turn on Blakes' fan and when he did, Jill said Hayden put his hand in his hair and let the fan blow his curls! He is quite funny. When i blowdry my hair i often blow it on his for a second and he must have caught on.
Hayden really is learning so much these days. He throws his own diaper away, and i tell him, "Go throw it in the garbage" and he always goes to the one in the kitchen, but today he, without me telling, threw it in the garbage in the bathroom. He has also learned to spin, and whine, still. Everything he wants is a whine/ point. We have got to work on this. Im trying with the please ( sign language) but i think i just need to put my foot down until he does it. Hayden has also helped me make the bed, he just starting giving me the pillows, it was so cute. I dont think anything can melt your heart like your own kids.......really! AND, we have learned to kiss! and we do it often.
Yesterday at this play place hayden started goin gfor another boy with arms open and mouth open, for a big kiss. He didn't get to give him one because the boy ran! and then later he was showing off his tummy ( which i ahve been trying to teach him and of course in public he finally does it) and another boy came up to him and tried to give him a raspberry on his tummy. Hayden fell and so did the boy. It was really funny, i think the boy must have seen me because i had just given hayden one a few minutes earlier.
This is Hayden working on homework with Blake, he is a big help! See the fan in the background
We put Hayden into his cousin's swimsuit for fun one sunday afternoon. He was dancing to the music!
Listening to mommy's ipod, Not really!
One of Hayden's favorite toys, well not really a toy, is our coffee grinder. So here he is grinding up his fridge magnets. If the grinder is going, He HAS to be there to see it!
These next ones are in TN. Some are with Stella, the dog, Hayden loves Stella. We think because he can tell her what to do and tell her no. Its hilarious to watch!

Vacumming with Gigi. He also loves teh vacumm

Thad and his mom making Fried Chicken. Thad wanted to learn how so we did it this time when we went home!