Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cont'd- House

So, more on the house. It is a 3 bed 2 ba house. Built in 1923, so it is very old. But to me, on the inside, it has had lots of updates and looks great. We saw alot of old houses, and this one I would have never guessed what that old. It has new appliances (yah!) and a nice big eat in kitchen!! The cabinets are pretty good, as long as i have cabinets im happy! It is 2000sq ft. which is more than we ever thought we would get and has a HUGE YARD!!!!! Those two things probably sold us on the house the most!
One awkward thing is that each bedroom is on a seperate floor. So ours will be on the main floor, and then there is one upstairs and downstairs. Our plan is to put Hayden upstairs, and then put the girl on this "landing" upstairs, and then if , BIG IF, she is a good sleeper after 6 months to a year, have her and H share a room. Im hoping it will work! But well see, we have options......
So, the picture above is of H's room. Most of the house has pretty nuetral colors, beige, etc, so im not really thinking of painting a ton. But i was thinking of painting H's room. Im not so worried about a color cause i was thinking lighter blue or green, and then when we move the girl in, well just put her stuff on the wall and Im sure it will be fine. Im not a huge lover of pink, but i know well have some pink.......but pink can go with both of those. So i have been looking at pics online for ideas.......but im not very confident in this home decorating/ painting area. So if anyone out there has ideas, or pics,.......throw them at me! Ive picked one color, green, once for a bathroom, and its ok, it just ended up being a little light. So im ready for advice!

Monday, March 22, 2010

New House

Ta Da! So this hopefully is our new house! Real Estate is a little different in Canada and the States. My mom keeps asking me when were going to remove the contingencies......and they don't do that here. They call that the inspection phase. So we have had our inspection and were waiting on them to hopefully say yes to our demands. Which we think we can come to an agreement im thinking that its ours......( or the banks i should say!)
It is located in west seattle, so Im going to have to give up my nice location to the zoo......but i will be oh so close to the beach! West Seattle has amazing views of the sound everywhere, and views back of the city. So it will be a change.....well have to switch churches.......etc, but well still be at a mars that will be nice.
my boy just woke up GRUMPY! so more later!

Monday, March 1, 2010

This and Thad

i can't remember what this is from. Just cute
At the zoo with George (dad) and Joey

Zoo Day

Glued to the tv in Nana's bed!
A Day at the Beach

New Big Boy Bed!
Great Shot!

Well, this wasn't going to be a back tracking update but when i looked at my photos, i decided it had to be. Thad had 2 days off for winter break ( who's heard of that?) so we went to Canada for the weekend. And then came back and thankfully we live in such a great and wonderful city that puts us 5 min from the zoo and we took advantage of both. That is one reason why we LOVE LOVE our location. But we went to the zoo with our friends George, Lindsey and Joey. And we let the boys ride the carousel. Hayden was a little unsure but then liked it.
The next day we went to the beach for the afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and Hayden enjoyed throwing rocks into the ocean and making sand castles. They have a stream that leads to the ocean so that is alot of fun to build dams and make different paths for the water.
AND there is also pics of the big bed. He STILL hasn't gotten out, which i cant believe and thank my lucky stars everyday, but i just thought i would throw those on here.
Next week my cousin and her kids , aunt, and mom are coming down for a couple days and I think well return to the zoo and beach and maybe flight museum for the boys. BUT i cant wait. it is going to be so much fun! Hayden loves Milanne (5yr girl) so it will be lots of fun for him!
Not to much else is new. Were still on the house hunt. Just trying to decide location....etc, what were willing to compromise.......