Thursday, June 26, 2008

Okay, here is an update on Hayden. He has started eating yogurt, plain, whole milk, so he thinks it is kind of sour. So yesterday i mixed it with his bananas, which i have come to find out, he LOVES. so we ran out of bananas to go with the yogurt, so i was giving him just yogurt, and he knew. So he started crying and, as best he could, yelling at me. It was quite hilarious, so i got some more bananas and he was happy! Then we finished the bananas and yogurt, and i got up to wash his bowl, and he was still hungry, so he yelled to let me know. So we had oatmeal after that.  This boy can EAT, let me tell you.  And I'm not sure if i have already said, but i am attempting ot make his baby food, so he is really keeping me busy.  Oh ya, another thing, I tried to make Hayden homemade rice cereal, so yesterday I gave it to him and he wasnt to sure, so he was eating it, and then about 10 bites in, he throws it all up, it just kept coming and coming and coming. SO.... were back to store bought cereal for now. I think ill try again in a month or two. If anyone has any suggestions why that happened......let me know!
     So, were not eating alot yet, just bananas, avocado, sweet potatoes, yogurt, oatmeal and rice cereal. I haven't decided what is next, nectarines, carrots, or grean beans or peas, Im thinkin a vegetable!
   Not much is new with Thad and I.  Were going away for our anniversary next week and leaving hayden with Dog and Gigi , so I am looking forward to that! I should run, my baby is calling me so nicely!..............thanks y'all!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Once again,  I will start this off apologizing for not posting more frequently. I promise I will get better, yah right, with moving and all.  Alot has happened since I last posted.  Since then, we have gone to Seattle and then to Abbotsford, Hayden got sick, we came home, started the wedding festivities and then the actual wedding, and now were here.
   While we were in Seattle, Thad had two interviews and got offered both jobs. He is going to be teaching Spanish at Kentridge Highschool in Kent, WA.  This is about 15 miles south of Seattle.  Thad was so happy and relieved when he got the job.  We have not decided where we are going to live, but were thinking Kent, Renton, or maybe south Seattle.  We will be renting an apartment for now, again not sure which one, but they all say to call in July when they will know if they have availability.  So alot is coming up for us, i cant believe it is already the middle of june!
  On that note, we are getting very sad to leave dear ole' jackson.  I can't imagine not seeing Thad's parents everyday and just leaving all the friends and family we have here.  It is going to be a big transition because even though i feel like i am moving closer to my family, they are not going to be in the same city, so that will be an adjustment.
    Rebecca's wedding (thad's sister) was beautiful. She got married on June 14 and thad and I were both in the wedding. She married Chip Holiday and right now they are in Jamaica.  They will be living in Memphis when they get back.  The wedding went off with no problems and Becca was not stressed at all on the day. It was a lovely wedding.
    Hayden has also been sick in the last little bit.  At the end of our trip to Canada he had a bad cold and then a fever.  He had to be held at all times and was terrible sleepy/ drowsy.  It was so sad to see him like that.  When we got back I took him to doctor and he had bronchitis and an ear infection.  He didn't seem to be getting any better so i took him back a week later and the ear infection had gotten worse and gone to both ears.  It is amazing how a mother can know something like this.  Not that i will know everytime, I know that, but just how much you can know your baby is not well. I guess i just thought that it would be hard to know when they can't communicate with you. I hope that makes sense! But we go back to the doctor today for his 6 month checkup, and I think he is all better but we will see.
    I hope I have updated everyone.  The pictures are of Hayden in Canada with his Uncle Brayden, Hayden and I on the bed (obvious) Rebecca's bridesmaid luncheon, hayden eating sweet potato and Hayden sitting.  I forgot to let you know, Hayden is now eating rice cereal (pablum) avocado and sweet potato. I am making his food for now, we will see how that goes. Next is banana............  but he sure does love his avocado and sweet potato, it is hilarious. When I put him in his chair, he gets so excited, arms waving, mouth open, he is so so sos so cute! i just love him!
 Thanks for reading!