Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well, last weekend we went up to Canada, again, for Danae's wedding, my best friend from highschool. There are pics of thad and I at the wedding and then of Danae and Joel. It was such a beautiful wedding, and also hot. The whole weekend was hot, 100 degrees.
Then on Saturday we had my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary at my aunts house, also outside, and in the boiling sun. But the sun set and then we were in the shade and it felt great. We had a great time at the party and can only dream that Thad and I will make it to our 60th anniversary. Some of my grandparents friends shared some stories at the party, my how the times have changed.

We came back to Seattle on Sunday and Thad had his first inservice on Monday and Tuesday. And he LOVES this school district. They have everything together, are organized, and just eager. A lot different than the Jackson school system. Thad gets his own classroom this year also, (he was previously a floating teacher) so that will be really nice for him. His first day is the day after labour day.
On tuesday we went to the farmers market in Renton, and got some beautiful flowers, (pic) for only 5 dollars. IT is such a steal. We also got some berries and some other vegetables. It was such a cute little farmers market. There was an older lady selling some desserts and some ploats, so i thought maybe i could do that.....menno desserts, everyone loves them. We'll see..............
And also we got out Washington license plates, so Thad had to get a picture with Hayden holding them. And I guess i should give the Hayden update. He is still babbling away, he is eating more and more foods, the other day he was just gnawing on a piece of apple. Still not crawling, but getting close.......actually , no closer than he was 2 weeks ago, so who knows. The last pic is at Seward Park, about 5 min from our house, a really nice walk around some of Lake Washington, just great for the jogger. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So, we have officially moved. We now live in Seattle, the Rainier Beach area, in a cute little blue house on a hill. Thad and his dad drove the biggest Penske truck you could get, with a car trailer on the back for our Maxima. They left Jackson on friday morning and got to seattle on Sunday night around 8pm. They were planning on arriving monday at noon but they made such good time, and Glynda, Clayton , hayden and I flew in on Sunday night, so they came all the way. We had alot of help moving in , we had thads family, and all of my family. So there were plently of hands around to move and help with Hayden. Blake, our roomate, was also moving in with us. I think we are mostly set up, but there are still some piles of stuff on the floor.
For running, we definetly live on a hill, today i could not push 20lb hayden and the stoller up the hill, it was so so steep.
Anyways, we moved in last monday, the third?, and went to Canada the first weekend, but came back for church. We visited one church here, but i think we may visit alot before we make our decision. Today we are going to Canada for my friend Danae's wedding and festivities. It is also my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.
Hayden has adjusted well to the move. He has slept through the night every night, even in Canada. He has actually been napping better than ever! So that is great. I love this age, so maybe that helps as well. He is sitting up and talking like no other! At dinner, he just babbles and babbles. He is getting so big.....i swear he grows while he naps. He is also very close to crawling, he can go in circles and backwards, but no forward yet. He was 8 months yesterday, i think, or the 12th, whenever that was.
Thad starts work at the end of next week, so his summer is about to end. He is excited to start here and finds this school district much more organized here than in Jackson. I am beginning to find my way around, i think i might know how to get to Fred Meyer and South Center, and right now tha tis all I need. I discovered a new outdoor mall just past southcenter, which I am really excited about. But right now there is no time for shopping, and with Hayden, it is not as enjoyable.
I will try to post a picture of the house and maybe the move and some others. Thanks for reading!