Monday, October 4, 2010

Imaginary Friend

We have an imaginary friend at our house. His name is Jesus.
It all started when Hayden started getting scared at night. We told him that he was not alone and that Jesus was here with him. We prayed, etc. It seemed to work.
Then soon Jesus started showing up alot. He would come upstairs with us and downstairs, and outside. And then in the car (thankfully we have an extra seat for Jesus in our car), and then in the bath. Hayden had just gotten off teh potty and was about to go in the bath when he says, " Jesus has to go potty to and then come in the bath too!" Okay, Jesus is going potty and going in the bath.
This morning Hayden comes down the stairs and is still half asleep and says, "Jesus is coming down the stairs to" I mean, the kid was not even awake!
I am definelty learning something from Hayden, Jesus is always with us, and he see's ALL my actions. One day He will be here and I'll have to account for them all, so maybe this imaginary friend Jesus will help me out.....and maybe he's not so imaginary!


Akin's said...

how precious! thanks for sharing and thanks hayden for the sweet reminder that Jesus is always there!

Becca said...

That is so funny. Mom said that I used to do that. I used to say I was scared so that people would stay and read to me and one night Mom said I didn't need to be scare because Jesus was there and I asked if he could read. I guess Hayden does have some Williams in him!