Monday, January 26, 2009

This is a video of Hayden walking with his popper. He has really improved even since we have taken this on Sunday night. It looks like I kick him in the end, but i PROMISE you that i do not. HOpe you enjoy!
On another note i am doing my first day of subbing tomorrow, just for a half day in the morning. Grade fivers at covington elem. so you can pray for me that i do well leaving hayden and that he does well, and that i am a good sub and not getting eaten alive! Im sure it will be fine, there still young, its the highschoolers i wont do!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Playing Wii

So, thad was about to play the wii and asks, do you want to play? and of course( with my back to him) i say no. and then he hands Hayden the controller and says, " I wasn't asking you". So he played with Hayden, well not really, but Hayden actually did swing.........playing tennis. I thought it was so cute!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hayden's first friend!

Hayden has his first friend! Our neighbour ( a couple blocks) i believe is Hayden's first friend. I met Liz and Elijah at the library when we first moved here, and she has been such a good friend. She also lives 2 blocks up from me, so its very convenient for walks, helping each other out, etc. So I watched Elijah on tuesday and she watched Hayden on wed, and today we went to story time together. And i really think Hayden now knows Elijah and LOVES to play with him. He can't take his eyes off him and its probably cause hes a little older (5 months) so he can show Hayden the ropes. We have taken the boys to story time twice and they have done pretty good. The first 15 min is good,a nd then the end is a struggle, but its worth it for get out of teh house.
I was just thinking today, is it bad that i dont want to stay in my house all day? I feel like when Hayden is awake I should be doing something because i am bored at home? I think its becuase my dusty shelves and messy house is looking at me , and i dont want to do anything about it. But i also can only "play" for so long. My mom told me i need a hobby and scrapbooking isnt really doing it, so i think i will have to find something else..........i dont think knitting.....or crosstiching..... but i am about to start subbing a bit, so i bet that will fill my time. Also there was a super cute baby at teh library today.........that could fill my time also. but i know.....all in good time!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, i don't really have alot to say this morning. Hayden's mornings have been going alot better. This week there has been not one 530am so i am very happy. Its more like 7-8, so i am in shock really! this morning hayden was in our bed ( because in the middle of the night i am to much of a wimp and just in general barely awake so i grab him and put him in our bed, which i always regret later) he decided he wanted to be awake at 530, so with all my strength i got up and plopped him in his bed to cry it out. i was going to give him 20 min, well, i think he cried maybe 1 and i went back to sleep and then it was 730, so that was a lovely surprise.
some news, next week i am going to substituting orientation, so we will see how that goes, and then hopefully i can start subbing soon after. Hopefully soon i can sub for the money, but i also dont want to start soon and leave hayden, so I am fine with both! Otherwise not to much else is new here......sorry for the boring post!

Monday, January 12, 2009

As i was looking over the pictures from my last post, i realized Hayden's mouth is open in many pictures, and this is not a rare thing. He loves to open it big and wide like that, especially when eating, it it quite the sight.
Okay , the first pictures reminded me of a story from when keith and glynda were here. We all went downtown and were walking around and then Hayden is getting fussy so i got to pick him up and he has peed through his diaper. So me being the wonderful mother, of course, does not have a change of clothes. So we buy a shirt, to go under his sweater, his pants are a bit wet, but he will survive. so we go to Elliots for dinner. Which by the way was a little nicer than i remembered. So we order and eat, and Hayden is making faces an other tables, being a little star like always, and then after dinner we notice he is pooping. ( if you have never seen Hayden poop, you cant miss it, red face, grunting, pushing......its obvious). So i joke that he might poop out of his diaper. So he stops and eats a few more crackers and then decides he is not done, and does some more business. So we are all laughing at the table, just thinking this is hilarious. So then i decide to go change him while they think about desert or not. So we go into the lovely bathroom there, to change him on the ( if i remember correctly) marble change table. And EXPLOSION we have poop all down the leg, all over the jeans, and then of course he puts his hand in it. So i immediately look around to make sure no other lady is there to witness this. I was clear, so we did some major clean up adn then im left with a child with a diaper and a sweater. So i put his blue reindeer sweater on his bottom half, legs though the arms, so there was the neck hole right in the crotch ( for lack of better word) and then he had his black longsleeve on top (not onesie) and took him back to the table hoping they did not order dessert! Keith and Glynda burst out laughing and thad and clayton had already left to get the car, so all was good.
when we got home and put hayden down, his sweater fell to his ankles and he grabbed it back up to his waist as if being without it was shameful. It was quite cute. we have switched to milk now and Hayden is eating more adult food, and so the poops have been HUGE to say the least! And he usually poops around 530 am so then he is awake and ready for the day. Last week 6/7 days we were up at 530 and so far this week has started the same, so im hoping by some miracle that might change. Not very much else is new here. Were still working on the walking.......and thats about it. Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 5, 2009

An Extended Christmas

So I know there is alot of photos here. We had a wonderful christmas this year. For the first week we got to go to Abbotsford to see my parents and family, and after Christmas Thad's parents and brother got to come. With Keith and Glynda we also went to the beach, here in south washington.
Haydens new pajamas from Gigi
A little sightseeing
Hayden and his Doc
Toboganning in B.C.

A family pic
Playing in the snow!
I love my uncle Brayden!
Im ready for my next class! ( we thought he looked like a prof.)
Just walkin it out!
Shovelling alot of snow! multiple times!
Laughing with my Papa.
A candid.
Well we were up in B.C. we got alot more snow. On Christmas Eve day we were snowed in and church was cancelled. and then we still got more on christmas day, but we made it out to our gathering. And thad and I left on boxing day, and they got more snow that day as well. Keith, Glynda and Clayton came on the 27th and we had Christmas again! yah! We then had a turkey dinner ( not a whole turkey, just a breast, i wouldnt know the first thing about stuffing a turkey?). For the rest of their trip we did some sightseeing and then went down to the Pacific Beach area. It was a little bit remote there, but we had a good time.
Hayden has also starting walking over the season. It began with some small steps, and now he can go across the room, without being prompted. Today we just kept walking from the couch to me and back. And he loves loves it when you praise him! He just loves that attention! We are also working on getting off the bottle. I have switched him to milk slowly, mixing milk and formula ( to stop constipation, my mother advised me) and now we just have to take the bottle away, so were starting that, and so far so good. And we definelty dont have a problem with constipation...............every morning 600am with a huge huge coming out of the sides poop. or if not poop yet, then he has just peed though...and the poop is soon to follow. I dont know what to i have his one year on thurs and i am asking the doc about mom says its cause he is on real food and milk. Anyways, he is doing really good, still a little clingy and whiny, but were working on it. and we have also concured the stairs! yah!