Monday, October 19, 2009

Time well spent

Wow. Have I been MIA for awhile. I have loved reading everyone else's blogs and have known that mine needed some updating........
Well, i was thinking about how i spend my time here.....when Hayden and I are at the house. So i think it breaks up to
70%- pretend "night night" on our pallet of blankets in the family room (this includes putting our stuffed animals to bed, reading books, and doing 2 puzzles)
10%- blocks
10%- fireman puzzle
10%- racing, aka, hayden and i having a running race
ok so that is 100, but i have to add dancing/drumming, he LOVES this as well. I swear if i could get him one thing to have lessons in right now, it would be drumming. He just runs around the house saying "drumming drumming drumming" of course, not that clear........
So when were home, were always doing the same things. I try other things, but he just loves what he loves!