Thursday, May 27, 2010

so ready

okay, so im pretty ready for this baby. I mean, im excited and can't wait for her to get here. But im not ready for the waking up 3 times a night thing......and all that goes with that. But im getting impatient and just want her to come! i still have a week and a half ( if not 2 ). but i go to the doc tomorrow. until then, im just trying to be patient and nap as often as possible!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moved In! and More

So were officially moved in. I know it has been awhile since i last updated. We have been busy. And now, im just tired and lazy, and ready for this baby girl to get here.
The move went really well. We did it all in one day. We have painted Hayden's room a light blue which were very happy with. Thad has made the basement his art gallery because he says im not letting him put anything on the main floor. But there is just not room.........
Were working on getting the backyard ready. It looks great and doesnt need landscaping or anything, just stuff for Hayden. We found a kids bb hoop and t-ball set at a garage sale this weekend. and yesterday we got a climber/ slide thing. and also at the garage sales we got him a trike for 1$, even though he had one, but he likes this one more right now. I was more just trying to get the yard ready for when the baby comes, that Hayden will have things to play with, besides mommy and a ball! And hopefully we might have a sandbox soon. quote from my brother " ya, i can help build a sandbox. When i come down for Lauren's thing, i can build it then" meaning, when i have the baby!!!!!! ya, lauren's thing!
so I think were doing pretty good. everything is pretty much unpacked. I'm more focused on baby now. Im 4 weeks out ( maybe 3, ) but feel like its coming any day. I have to get that mindset out of my head!!!!! I cleaned on monday, hoping i wouldn't have to again before she came, but i highly doubt it. Honestly, i wouldn't be ready if i had her today, but in the next 2 weeks would be good.
Anyways, thought i would update you guys, sorry i havent' been that faithful. just lazy!