Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day 2008

SO we are in full snow mode! i think we have at least 6 inches so far, and it has been snowing since 4am, but i bet it is more like 9 inches, we will have to see. And Thad is out of school, YAH! So we took Hayden out in the snow, for the first time. And he doesnt have snow pants, so we layered and bundled, but he didnt like the snow very much. He sat in it, but then reached for me. And it doesnt help that he doesnt like mittens very much, so. But we got some good pictures and went for a short walk down the street and saw some people getting unstuck and the lots of people getting stuch on teh hill, up and down. Thad is in love with the snow because he has never seen it snow like this before (besides skiing), so hes having alot of fun. I just hope this doesnt prolong our trip to Canada. And i dont like to be housebound for more than a day!
Now i believe thad has caught the eye infection. It started on friday night with hayden, so we took him to the doc on sat and he said it wasnt there yet but wrote us a prescription for hayden. Well, his eyes got better and then i got it. And im not quite sure it wasnt pink eye, but im sure it wasnt because haydens wasnt. So i started hayden and me on his prescription and now I am almost better and Thad has it, maybe....the beginnings. SO............... i went out yesterday with red eyes, and i think one lady thought i was either on drugs, or my mom said maybe she thought i was just a tired mother. oh well.
so thats our update! Here are some pics.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving photos and Pre-Christmas

Hayden and Daddy lovin some cheese!

At Macys waiting for Santa
Trying to get a nice Christmas pose. This was the best
After my bath. I think ive thinned out some?
Getting our tree
thanksgiving in Tn

Okay so i typed this first and then added pictures. Andi think im supposed to shout out to Franklin!
WELL, we are slowly freezing here in our house in seattle. Our furnace is on the fritz and wont go about 63 F, or about 15 C ( which i dont kwow why i think that is cold becuase that is all my dad used to let us put the heat to) but anyways, its cold. So today i was waiting for the heating guy, and then they sent the oil furnace guy instead of the gas furnace buy, and we have gas. So that was disapointing, so maybe tomorrow it will get fixed. WE have a space heater that we use for Hayden when he naps, and then downstairs when he is awake, gets chilly while he is sleeping.
Today, i braved Walmart here to get Haydens christmas gift from Nana and Papa. The walmart here is a bit different than the walmart in jackson, its ghetto to say it nicely. I asked the greeter woman where the site to store pick up was, and she said " the restrooms" so i thanked her and went on my way. I found it quite easily. And then while waiting for our package, Hayden put his head down on teh buggy and started wailing! He was honestly scared of something, and reaching for me as though his life depended on it. I think this man made a funny face at him and for some reason put this huge fear in him. He was really scared, so that was a first. After we left walmart, we went to our friend Liz's to make gingerbread! Which i have now tasted and is so good! especially in a cold house, its even better! But i dont think i was much help, Hayden was tired and she rolled and cut, while i decorated.....but it was fun. I love LOVE doing Christmas things like that.
I am going to add our pictures from TN from thanksgiving and a few from this past weekend when my parents were here. We went downtown and had Hayden's picture with Santa at Macy's. He wasn't happy, but wasnt sad with Santa, just straightfaced, and then he looked at Santa, and wasnt sure, but we made it with no tears. Hes never played strange with anyone before, so really today was the first ( aka Walmart). It was great to see my parents, i was really looking forward to them coming and for them to see Hayden. It seems he has grown so much lately. My dad is always such a HUGE WELCOME HELP with Hayden, Im talking mostly when we are shopping! He just takes hayden and i dont even have to worry ! it is so nice. And he is eager to play with Hayden in the mornings also, even at 6am, so i can go back to bed!!! Dont get me wrong, my mom is a huge help also, but i really appreciate it during the shopping! I think that has been the hardest part for me so far as a mother, not beign able to shop without being interrupted, or on a time schedule! ( how shallow does that sound, shopping?!?) Anyways, and also dont get me wrong, thads parents were a huge help at Thanksgiving as well, I felt like I had teh vacation from Hayden , So we are very blessed.
this is plenty long, here are some pics.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ps, i dont know why that little picture is there, i tried to delete it but it wouldnt go away, sorry!
here are some other random photos. And a video of Hayden and his cake.

December (and some November!)

Birthday Party and Thanksgiving
So Hayden doesn't actually turn one until friday, but we had an early birthday party for him, before american thanksgiving. It was a Diego (Dora's relative) themed party, kinda spanish, for thad! Im sure Hayden was so pleased that it was Diego themed! But we had some friends from our small group and other people we have met here, and my parents and some friends from abbotsford come for the birthday. We had dinner and cake. Hayden wasnt that interested in the cake, but we helped him eat it, and then he liked it. But he didnt really want to himself. And then we opened presents and he got alot of toys! So he is definelty set. It was a great party.
Then the next week Hayden and I left for TN for thanksgiving. Thad came on wed night because he had to teach until then. But Hayden did pretty good on the flights on the way there and home, and of course the way home was alot nicer becasue i had Thad there to help me. Doc and Gigi were very glad to see him! And taught him many new tricks! He can now, i dont know how to explain it, go ahahahahha, with his hand over his mouth, pattycake, can wave, do itsy bitsy spider, cheer, say hi (kind of) and i think he figured out that i am mama! So we are on our way to being brilliant! im sure. But we had a great time in TN and then on the weekend, still in TN, Thads good friend Andy got married in Memphis and thad was in the wedding,so we went to memphis for the weekend for the wedding. And it was a gorgeous wedding with the reception at the Memphis Zoo in teh Polar Bear exhibit! So that was sooo fun! Katelin now says she is havign her reception at a zoo, she is checking into the Vancouver Zoo or Aquarium! Anyways......
We are now back in Seattle, getting ready for Christmas. Doing alot of christmas shopping and baking! Thad has eaten the whole first batch on sugar cookies so were on the second! And we have put up our tree. Which i was very worried that it would be a problem with Hayden, but he hasnt even gone for it at all. Once he looked at it, and now he doesn't even look at it, its like its not there to him?! so i guess that is good! And Hayden has now become a little clingy to mommy. He is following me alot and then when he is tired and whiny and hurts himself he only wants me, so this is kind of annoying, but how can you not love him! So I think were begginning the stages of everything, and he is definelty learning how to throw a temper tantrum. When he is mad he almost just falls on the floor and his tummy and crys. I will have to get a picture of this.
I wish i could find our pictures from TN but right now I cannot find them. So hopefully i will add them later. Thankyou for reading!