Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello All!
 I am sorry i have not made a post in awhile. My mom got to come to TN unexpectedly, so she was here for a week and we had a great time.  Hayden missed a few naps here and there for shopping trips, but it was alot of fun!   My mom also showed me how to make buns and cinnamon buns, so i can be quite the homemaker now.  She hadn't seen Hayden in almost 2 months so she said he had changed alot and that if you put him in a dress you could call him me!  She commented that in person he looks more like me than in pictures, so who knows? She says when he is serious than he looks like thad.  But we had a great time.
  While my mom was here Hayden got dedicated at church.  He did a great job, never made one peep, so we were all very proud of him.  Then everyone came to our house for brunch.  That was exciting, my mom commented on how few appropriate serving dishes i had, whats new?!
   The weather here has been gorgeous lately. Whenever there is a sunny day i feel i need to get out there and tan. I know that is the canadian in me because there is only going to be HOT, HUMID days from here on out, so im not missing out on anything.
  Well, were on the job hunt for thad in seattle.  He his looking for a spanish or esl job in the schools.  I have faith that he will get a job, he is a great teacher, but i think he would like a job sooner than later.  So if Y'ALL could pray for us, that would be appreciated.  We are going to seattle in 2 weeks to look for a place to live, so im not sure how that will go, cause we might want to live close to where thad gets a job, but well see?!
 okay, here are some more pics, once again, im not good at placing them, and i will probably post to many.......... lov eyou all, and leave comments please so i knwo who is reading!