Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day from Hell

SO, yesterday I subbed ( or as they say here, guest taught) for a third grade class at a school i had not been before. I walked in and after 5 min i knew it was not going to be an easy day. I read the teachers plans and discovered that the class had had a sub the day before but i guess for some odd reason she decided she didn't want to see them again the next day? I wonder why?
Well once they walked girl was a problem from the start. the most mouthy, obnoxious, ignorant....shall i go on.....little girl. The principal came to talk to her twice in the first 30 min of class. One boy was also a problem but we worked together and had a great day. And there was another girl, lets say A, that would not stay in her seat the whole day.
To make a long story short, I should have sent 3 kids to the office 3 times, but I didn't. I yelled at them, (and i dont yell) they would not listen, candy did not work, games did not work, taking away recess did not work........i didnt know what else to do!?
So the day finally ends and I am leaving and I notice my phone won't turn on. And i am wondering why it is off anyways? One of the students stole my cell phone battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was livid! to say the least. And i am pretty sure i know who it is because she said to me, " you have a cool phone" and my phone is not cool, its old and basic. I admit, before lunch it was in my purse, but after lunch i left it on the desk............but really, a third grader stole it. I dont ' care where I left it, it doesn't give her rights to steal it. Stealing is stealing.
SO............i have called teh school twice and they said they are dealing with it but that the ass. principal was out yesterday so she has alot to catch up on and she is working on it! DO you think i am impressed by that answer?! It is 1230 and she still has not called me back, and i have called! I am trying to be patient, and trying to have a christian attitude, but its not coming easy..............but i better get it back, so they better be disciplined properly!
so, after all that, I am not working any more this week!

Fun Family Activities

Okay, so i always write first and then add pictures, but then the pictures come before the writing and it messes everything up. SOOOOO i guess i might fix it. so instead we will start with the most recent and work out way back. So the above picture is actually a video,but when its a video it just makes it a picture like that also, so that is thad running through the sprinkler with Hayden. He loved doing it with Daddy, but when I did it with him before thad got home, it wasnt that great! so.......But we had lots of fun on our sunny day in the sprinkler.
Oh ya, and the glasses. So he screamed everytime in the car when the sun would go in his eyes. So i wasn't going to get glasses because i didn't think he would keep them on. WELL, boy was i WRONG. He loves them and wears them all the time when we are outside. If i have mine on, so does he. If mine are on my head, so are is hilarious.

After we went to Laconner for the tulips (which weren't there because we were to early) we went to a mariners game. Center field, last row, but it was lots of fun. I feel like i have already written this, but i didn't see it in my other post?
These of of La Conner, the tulip festival. He wore his glasses the WHOLE DAY! My parents thought it was hilarious. We were a little early for the tulips, and we didn't see as many tulip fields as we had when I was growing up????? Did anyone else think this?

We went up to Canada for easter and went with the fam to Vancouver for one day, we went to Granville Island and walked around, etc. So my dad has taught Hayden to raise this sword high in the air everytime he picks it up, so I just had to throw in a pic of this, since it happens all the time. We were at Fred Meyer the other day and they had a foam sword adn Hayden saw it, and once he had it, instantly raised it triumphantly into the air, just like he was taught. And then there are a few shots from easter. My mom got him that outfit....what a prep, but oh so cute!
Hayden has also learned to give kisses, and he is really good at it. So he gave Milanne (above) a kiss and it was so cute!!!!

Its not a great shot of hayden, but they were so cute on the bench together!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break

Thad has been on spring break this week and we have had WONDERFUL weather. It is amazing how it changes your attitude and makes you feel so fresh. On sunday, when our good weather began, i woke up and felt like i was in a different world. I just had a whole new outlook. The weather has just been so great. One winter here and im already dying for the sun. I took TN so forgranted. But, the weather has been amazing the last few days. So we have taken advantage of it. Yesterday we took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. It was a such a gorgeous ride and i only posted a few of teh pics thad took, because he took many. We walked around and had lunch in teh park. Hayden did so well for us, and then crashed as soon as we hit the car after we were all done.

Thad and Hayden by a cherry blossom ( i think) thad loved the tree.
a view of the city from the boat.....close to the island
Our picture on the ferry, i wish i was tan..........
Hayden giving me a drink. he just picked it up and put it to my mouth, with no prompt or anything. (it was empty of course)
Helping himself....with encouragement
Our big boy on the ferry.
On Monday we went to the Ballard Locks. Ballard is a neighbourhood of Seattle just on the north side. They have a canal that comes through the neighbourhood. And it connects the fresh water and salt water, so they have to lock the boats up and equalize the water......if that makes sense. But it was fun to watch and a gorgeous we once again had a picnic and let the critter run around! That is so fun these days. I remember being in highschool and if that was all we did, just sit in a park for awhile, i would have been bored out of my mind thinking, "this was the plan for the day?" but now.....with the weather, it is so inviting! And now i guess I have responsiblities,,,,,,dishes, house etc. and did not back then. So the park is a welcome escape.
Thad was seriously scaring Hayden with this elephant head, it doesnt look like it here, but he was.
A crab boat coming through the locks
Hayden enjoying himself.

AND, sunday we went to Gas works park for the afternoon. It is right on the water and so beautiful! People are flying kites in the wind and dogs running round, (which hayden loves. I swear we dont even have to go to the zoo, he sees a dog and its like we ahve gone to the zoo anyways.)
Hayden and I going for a walk.
Giving me a beautiful flower!
Doing some streches.
The gas works. I think it used to be an old factory, and now have turned it into a park! So great!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A House of Mourning/ rainy weekend

This past weekend my sister and friends Maggie and Tash came up to see us. Katelin came home from Union for her spring break. We decided we do a boat tour ( for free, thads hook up) and then walk around downtown/ shop. Well, it was not a nice day on sat. i think it sprinkled and rained all day. We did our best to have a good time. I got stressed about parking and time etc. not one of my better moments to say the least, but we made it. And after i got over that, i think we had a pretty good day. The boat tour really was good, and shopping was just wet, i think we were all tired by that time. so we went home and got ready to go out for dinner ( without hayden, yah). So we tried Pesos in Queen anne, which was so good. Thad loved it, and it was so nice to not have Hayden with us. And actually, he couldn't have come with us anyways because on the restaurants website, it said no child allowed. Can you believe that? I mean, it wasnt really child friendly, just super hip. But I guess we have to be careful where we go here with hayden, maybe check places out ahead of time. Crazy!
We had a great weekend, and fo course sunday was super nice and they wre leaving, so that was disappointing. But all in all, lots of fun!

I often times don't know exactly what to blog about.SO......i read my friends blog and she gave me an idea. As some of you know, Thad is a HUGE memphis bb fan, and Calipari has been there head coach for the last 9 years, i think. He last year took them to the finals, and this year i think the sweet sixteen! so anyways, he has done a WHOLE LOT for the program, and thad practically worships the ground he walks on, ( along with his dad, and brothers, i mean, they love him also).
so im not exactly sure how it went down, but he is now leaving Memphis to coah at UK (kentucky). So surprisingly, thad is taking it very well. I think he just loves Calipari so much that he can't be mad at him. But i am very surprised that we still like him after leaving our devoted Memphis. So its a sad week here. BUT the worst part is that Memphis might be getting the UT (Tennessee) coach, which thad DOES NOT LIKE UT. But i think he admitted the coach might not be so mad, but once again, his whole family loves memphis and despises UT. So this is an interesting saga in our house.
The night Memphis lost, we put hayden in is Memphis outfit. I don't think he has worn shorts in months, so he was pulling them and checking them out. I cant wait to put him in summer clothes and see his arm and legs again..........we havent worn short sleeves or shorts in forever! So i cant wait for summer.
And im still on the daycare hunt. Got a few options, but nothing in stone yet. Next week Kent schools are on break so there is not rush, so thats kinda nice. but still, its kinda overwhelming, but im visiting 2 today and then i think ill be done.