Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two week photos

Here are some pictures that Thad's dad took of Presley when she was 2 weeks old. She already has changed alot since then. Since birth, the swelling in her face has gone down, her hair has lightened, she has lengthened, i think her eyes will be blue.......and she now looks like Hayden ( or so were told).
In general Presley is a very good baby. She barely cries......the only issues were having is with nursing, and its not her, its me. My theory is that some women have lots of milk and some have less. and some is fattier than matter what type of body you have. So, i dont think my milk is that great. At 2 weeks she hadn't made her birth weight, ( neither did H) ( i wasnt surprised she hadn't) so i started supplementing. She would still be hungry after i nursed her so she would get a little bottle to top her up. The doc also put me on fenugreek. After 1 more week she went from 9.1 to 10lbs! ya. So since then we have been supplementing less.....usually just in the evening.....but i think she would take about 2 more ounces after every time i nursed her. Do all you other mothers out there think your baby would eat more after you nurse? And she usually tries to eat her hands after i nurse her which also makes me think she is hungry......and she isn't terrible sleepy after i nurse her.....there is no milk coma as some moms would say. So.....well see how she does at her 2 month app. Im pretty sure she is gaining, ( might be tmi, but when i pump i get about 3-4 ounc ( every 3 hours), so she is getting milk. But im just wondering if other babies are like this.....or just mine?
Otherwise everything is good! H is enjoying her, she sleeps good. And H has been acting alot better. I think the turning point was when i changed my mindset from seeing all he did wrong to all he did right and praising him for when he obeyed. ( this kid loves him some praise!) Were still learning how to adjust with 2, but thankfully God gives you a newborn and not a 1 year old to start off with.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A day at the zoo

Sorry the pics don't go with the story. We forgot the camera for the zoo
So, when Thad's parents were here, Doc and Gigi, we took a trip to the zoo. Hayden and I have a pass so we go all the time. But i thought it would be a fun outing for Hayden to do with his grandparents. Thad was not with us because he had to work.
So off we went to the zoo. Presley was just under 2 weeks old. And really this was our first big outing. So we pack the car, and remember, there is 5 of us in a 5 seater car. So gigi is squished in teh back between the car seats! to funny! shes a sport. And of course, i think we went on a friday, the zoo is packed. It was one of the first days out of school. We finally find parking and get inside. and of course, hayden does not want out of his stroller. AND he could care less about the animals! And then i proceed to only make it worse. I try to ask him a zillion times if he wants out of the stroller to look at the animals...and he again, could care less. So after he ate all the snacks i packed, he was ready to look a little more. Ok, so he was hungry. ( i just hate it though when you make all the effort to do something like the zoo, adn then your kid doesn't even care..)
Ok and another problem was the shoes H picked to wear. Gigi got him new crocs ( which we are so thankful for and I love that he can slip them on himself!) but they were a little big. so every time he got in and out of the stroller they proceeded to fall off!!! so that was annoying. And then also he had to get in and out HIMSELF every time, heaven forbid we tried to help him! And then to make matters worse, if we did help him he would yell at us, that includes doc and gigi. Thats such a great feeling to have your child yell at your inlaws!!! HOW EMBARRASING!!Two is such a great age.....!
okay, so now we have made it to the elephants. I just sit down and then hear H screaming. His head was stuck inbetween the bars. So i quickly run over there and push it in and then out. Does that make sense. But he was a mess after that. Later gigi told me she was almost in a panic.....but i just figured if he got his head in, it had to come out. ( Sometimes i think i need to worry a bit more.....that could have been bad) So that was not great.
Okay now were trying to make it back to the car. I tell H that he is going to go potty with gigi before we leave. He yells no from the stroller. we talk about it. We keep going, he proceeds to yell no continually. So lovely. Im so embarrassed yet again. We stop, i take him out and spank his hand. He falls apart......we talk hug, etc. We get to the potty, he wont go......okay, so gigi goes and he sits in time out. this takes awhile. Okay, gigi is done, H won't leave his time out. So i just tell him mommy is leaving, i start walking. After im like 30ft?? away, H starts running a dead sprint and screaming "mummy!" Then says he has to go potty! i just looked at my inlaws!!!!! What the heck do i do. I was ready for him to suffer the consequences and let him wet himself. But instead.....i took him!
After the potty, while were super whining and thinks doc and gigi have left, we get to the stroller and doc gives him some popcorn. He hurts his toe getting in the stroller. Crying.Then once in the stroller, he drops a popcorn and insists on getting out to get it. Anyways, somehow he catipults himself out and falls on his face. And this point i wanted to start crying and wished i could teleport us home. Or just walk away. Anyways, we got it together. got the the car. Presley was an hour past her feeding but she did not cry on the way home like i thought she might have. Praise the Lord!!!!
So that was our lovely zoo day. And we have had many lovely days since.........which i will blog about later. H loves Presley......hes so sweet to her. he's just super grumpy in the mornings and definitely testing us. I could write all day..........sorry this was long

A day at the zoo