Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thad has turned 25 since my last post. For his birthday we went to Mt. Rainier and did a hike. Everytime we get on the freeway going south, we get an amazing view of Rainier and Thad just loves it. So we went to Rainier and did what I thought was a pretty good hike, with Hayden in a front pack, (we really need a backpack, but it worked well for the day). Im not sure how high, but above the tree line, and it zigzaged at the top, on rocks, it was a big big BIG fall! but a gorgeous view from the top. Then we hiked down and had lunch and came home. then my dad came and kept Hayden so we could go out for dinner, (my mom was in seattle with her friends). Then we celebrated thads birthday on sunday and had a gorgeous day (weather) and lunch by the water and tiramisu made by yours truly!
Two weekends ago we went to the Seattle Boat Show with Josh Baldwin (thads friend) and Chelsea (my friend from B.C.) and we also had a gorgeous day, and looked at boats that were worth so so much. Some very nice boats. And josh was here for the weekend, so thad and him had some good catching up.
And last weekend we went to my parents. It was good to have some family time. We left Hayden on friday night, and my dad played a new game with him, THROWING him on the couch, and hayden loved loved it. It really isnt' bad, but what happens when mom is gone is always interesting, i mean, i wouldn't have attempted it, but he loves it and now I do it.
Since last time, I don't think Hayden was crawling, but he is now doing the army crawl/scoot thing. But still not on all fours. But he can make it a pretty good ways. And we have also been having some rough nights lately, I think it teething, which is taking liek FOREVER, but i cant complain............because there are still good nights. Hayden is doing "so big" and is so cute. We got it on video...and also on video, HAYDEN DANCING! such a cutie. But i have to ge thad to get it on the computer and I'll post it! Here's some pics!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I am not sure why this is all underlined. And i cant seem to fix it, so ..... Since the last post we have started to become adjusted here. Thad has started school, and he loves it. This morning actually, his alarm didn't go off, but hayden was talking at 6:30, so he woke me up, and i woke thad up, but he still made it intime for school, it starts at 7:30. His phone had died, adn that is where his alarm is. Tonight wer e actually going to the football game for his school, so that should be fun.
We also went to the zoo with one of thads co-workers and his wife and 2 kids. The Seattle Zoo is great. Hayden is a little young, but I still think he saw the big animals like the gorillas and elephants. It was a fun day.
And this past weekend, our friends Joel and Danae came to see us. And we went down to the university and then to Pikes Place. The weather had been gorgeous so we had a great time. adn then Brayden (my brother) and Ian came to see up on Monday and we went to Green Lake. A super nice area with a really nice park walk thing. We dream of living there. So we had lots of fun. It was good to see familiar faces when you don't know anyone in the city.

Gigi (thad's mom) sent Hayden some new clothes this week, so we had to get photos of them. Isn't he such a poser? He still is not crawling,b ut actually for the first time 2 nights ago, he got on his knees, and we have been working and working on that. So its good to see he can do it. So , now, I think crawling might be coming soon, ( I hope I didn't jinx it). But he is standing better and better, not without help of course, when he does stand, we say he does the "hippy hippy shake" because his hips wiggle most of the time. I don't think anything else is new with Hayden, he's still teething, etc.
Oh ya, so today I went to baby sign language at the library and met some moms, YAH!!!!!!! There was like 25 moms there, so i hoped to at least talk to one. But one mom was really nice adn told me about her moms group adn her church , and its non-denominational,a nd she said it had a great childrens program and womens ministry, so I got very excited. And then i met another mom that lives like 1 block up from me, and goes to the same park as me. And her husband is trying to get a pastor job also, so that was also VERY EXCITING! So i told her that i would call her, i hope she didn't think i was over anxious of over friendly,.......but Im pretty desperate for some friendship, but i think it was fine! But it was a GREAT morning, and now Hayden is sleeping, I must have worn him out with all that sign language. I also think he just loved looking at all the other babies/kids there. It was fun.
And Thad's birthday is tomorrow so I think were going to Mt. Rainier for the day, and then my dad is going to keep Hayden for us in the evening so we can go out, yah! And then well spend sat with my parents. (if your wondering why my mom is helping my dad on sat. night, she is in seattle with her girlfriends, so were just meeting her on sunday). So thats about it. I added the photos at the top later, they were supposed to be at the bottom, sorry!