Thursday, May 21, 2009

going to jackson...

Last week we were back to Jackson, TN. Hayden and I went on sunday and thad came on fri morning, for Clayton's graduation (the youngest of the williams). We had such a great time there. I got to lay out by the pool and we took Hayden swimming. He loved it. We also got to see my sister there. It was a relaxing time for me , thanks to all the help with Hayden, so it was great.
Also, we found out that Thad does have this job for next year! Praise the Lord! We were a little nervous there for awhile but God was good! So we are so happy.
Hayden is trying to talk up a storm these days. He mumbles and jabbers alot, and i think were now saying "outside", for sure now "Dada" and maybe some others, but outside has been our big word so far. He understands everything i say though, i say time for bath and potty, and off he runs to the bathroom, etc. It just amazes me what he can do already.
Sorry i havent' posted in awhile, i don't really have that much more to say. pics to come!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good as Gone

the battery, that is. So I hadn't heard anything else from the school, so I decided I would call them on Monday. The VP said that no one had come forward and that was that. I asked her if she had tried to threaten to discipline the whole class, and she said she wouldn't do that. I then said i thought that more needed to be done, this was stealing.... and she said that she didn't appreciate the way I was talking to her and that I was being very rude and that if I wanted to come in and make an app. for this, I then said i didn't appreciate not being called to let me know what was happening and then we hung up, ( or maybe i hung up.....). So i made an appointment for the next day at 11. So i go today at 11 and low and behold................. SHE IS NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could have blown a gasket..........i was livid. The secretary informs me she is sick. I asked why i wasn't called and the secr. says that she makes her own appointments........... and there was nothing she could do. I acknowledged that it wasn't her fault but that this was a huge waste of my time and i had to get childcare and drive 20 min, i wasted my whole morning. But really, this secr. knew i was coming and she could have called me because i gave her my number originally or she could have called the sub office and asked for it, OR she could have mentioned that the principal knew i was coming and i could meet with him. BUT anyways, I only made the app. yesterday and left her my number which i thought was almost cheeky because i had left it so many times, but call! so i stormed out ( nto really) and went to my car where i decided i would meet with the principal. SO i went back in and he arrived shortly and greeted me, ( knowing who i was and why i was there) so why didn't they give me the option to meet with him when i arrived???? they just let me leave?!!!!!!!!!!! so anyways, he was mister nice and is further pursuing the situation........ but i am still filing a complaint. They did not want to see me today and he knew i was coming and they just let me leave, knowing i was angry!
So i am happy that more action is being taken but the way they have treated me has been pathetic to say the least!!!!
SO, that has kinda been my life lately. I can't even think what else is going on. Hayden is trying to talk, he says a whole bunch of mumble jumble and i think the word "outside" is in there somewhere and also maybe " see ya later" maybe?
Thanks for reading ( or listening to me vent!)
oh ya, so thad and i had been sharing a cell phone battery for a week, and now one has finally come, we paid 8$ online instead of50 in the store, i would be outrageously mad if i had to pay 50, it wouldn't have been worth it to work that day at all!