Friday, February 19, 2010

Home Buying.......or Home waiting??

YAH! Thad and I are so excited about home buying! i have been dreaming to own. But the process is quite funny. I always thought once you were ready to buy you just went out and found what you wanted and bought it! WELL! it is not like that at all. I just thought that there was so much out there to see... that you would find something. WEll, maybe its our price range, or just being to picky( which it really could be) or seattle, but theres nothing out there for us right now.
Being in Seattle does make it hard because most houses are old, and small, and we want 3 bedrooms, and alot of homes don't have that. Or i should say, in the area that we want, most homes are old and don't have that. And seattle is not known for people having alot of kids.....and its definelty more they just don't leave alot of extra space. BUT once again, if we would go abit out of the city, im sure we would find more space. BUT, we ( thad) and me to, just him more, want to stay closer to the city. So right now we are waiting, hopefully, for the right house.
There are many new townhouses around right now, that i love ( hence the new) but they have basically no yard, and i don't think im ready to part with a yard. so were waiting. And this is hard, because im not a very patient person. and we have only been looking maybe 3 weeks, and it feels like a lifetime. God is definelty teaching me patience!
BUT today is a gorgeous day and Hayd and I went to the beach this morning. AND it was gorgeous. I don't know of a more gorgeous place, mountains, water, boats, sun..........I was loving it. And it was so nice to be so that does reaffirm our thoughts of location so......
Home buying also has me dreaming of decorating a baby girl nursery! nice. And H's room as well, and a whole house.....but we can dream.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Big Boy bed

I think i just did two posts accidentally!
Well, hayden had been in a big boy bed for 2 weeks now, i think. And its great for now, BECAUSE HE DOESN'T KNOW HE CAN GET OUT!!! I call him my little law abiding citizen because he is always concerned when his friends break the rules. Well, the first night i told him not to get out of his bed, and so far.......two weeks later, he hasn't gotten out until we get him! Its great. So i go in there every morning around 745 and he is reading the same CARS book, wide awake, and just sitting in bed. Im not sure what he thinks of getting out because he tells me at times, " no get out".
So we will see how long this lasts. Because once i go in there i let him get out himself, so he knows he can........
and potty is going great also. Diapers for nap and night, but otherwise he is doing good!

Big Boy bed

Big Boy