Monday, June 22, 2009

Sick Boy

So Wed morning, I get Hayden out of bed and notice he is a little warm, but my thermometer is packed so i just pretend he is fine. He has a fairly good morning and then when i get him from nap, he is on FIRE! He feels so warm, so i calmy dig through my boxes and find the thermometer (one the 2nd box). and he is 102.5, so he has never had fever this high before so i throw him in the bath and give him tylenol. That zapped it for awhile till bed. He was in his bed for one hour and then awake and hot, so needless to say, in mommy and daddys bed teh rest of the night. Thursday he went up to 103 and basically laid on the couch and watched tv all day. This is coming from a boy that does not sit still, doesnt really watch tv for more than 2 min, and he has to be on my lap for 2 min, and doesnt lay or sit on the couch unless mommy is beside him. So he was lying there all day sometimes with me and sometimes by himself. But he was quite pitiful. So on friday we went to the doc, and of course he had no fever since 4am that morning and his coughing and running nose had disappeared. Don't you love it when that happens?!
So we went to my parents for the weekend and Hayden's fever never returned but he barely ate all weekend. So today, let alone this morning, i think he has made up for all the eating he missed.
On the talking side, someone told me it was right at the 18 month mark that her son just took off, and Hayden has begun at least. I know i write about his speech all the time, but now for real, i ahve something to be proud about. He can say shoe, paci (pacifier) he repeatedly told me this in the car today as he dropped it, shower, he tries to say blake, mommy and daddy, and papa. And today on the swing i said uncle brayden and i swear he said brayden more clearly than i have every heard him say something! But he is really taking off, for real this time.
Also i saw "the proposal" this weekend! so good, i recomment it fully!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Zoo of a Day....

So, yesterday, Tuesday, I decided to take Hayden and Evangeline to the Zoo. So we leave early to get there for opening time, and on the way Evangeline says " I am not feeling better" but she never felt I was hoping for the best, i gave her her juice and hoped we would get there in time. Not two minutes later i heard her coughing, and more smelled something, and looked back, and sure enough, she had lost her breakfast. So, after talking to her mom, and finding out this had happened a few times lately, we decided to press on with the zoo. She wore hayden's 6-9 month onesie , that fit) and hayden shorts that he was wearing that day, and hayden went in just a onesie! Im sure Thad would have been so embarressed because he would have thought everyone was thinking we were trailer trash....but he was awfully cute, i dont think anyone thought that.
So we had a great time at the zoo, and then it was time to leave, and we were all tired, struggling to make it to the car. Hayden fell asleep in the stroller on the way , and then Evangeline was doing a good job walking but got tired so here i am caring a 2.5 year old and trying to still push my cheapo stroller that definelty needs two hands.
so we get to the car......and of course, I cant find my keys. Im trying not to panick because I tried so hard when we got there to keep track of them while changing and trying to clean up Evangeline. But of course now there gone!!!!! So great great Tara ( and son Malachi) decide to wait with me for AAA. I am thinking the keys are in my trunk because the last thing I did was get the stroller. So after 45 min of Evangeline being really good, and Hayden sleeping for most of them, he comes and ...................NO KEYS!!!!!!!!! not in teh car, not in the trunk! Im floored. I kinda thought they wouldn't be there though,.....i had suspected that i just left them by the car when i left. so.............Im almost panicking, but then im like, well, at least ill check the lost and found, maybe someone turned them in?
Praise the Lord, despite a dorky and dumb guy/ boy at the desk they were my keys. But they got sent to another gate. So i trapse (sp?) with the two kids, Evangeline in teh stroller holding Hayden on her lap ( thank goodness) to the other entrance and get my keys. And im to mad to ask where they found them because they wouldn't send my keys to the entrance I was at. And we make it back to the car!!!!!!!! yah, on our way home! i never thought it would come. We tried to lave at 12:30 and ended up leaving at not as bad as i was thinking though when i let my mind wander!
Despite taking wrong turn and sitting in traffic for 20 min we made it home and they both napped once we got home!!!!!!! And that was the greatest blessing of all! And when i later told thad, he made me a drink and dinner! What a great husband! and he bathed Hayden! yah
A quick little update on HM's talking, he now says outside very clearly, shoe, bath, dada, but not really mama.....and repeats what you say, but those are the best so far! and sorry no pics.
Also we are moving, the camera stuff is packed. At the end of the month were moving to Ballard, just north of the city. From the south where we are now! We are so happy to be moving there because there is a ton within walking distance,(shops, restaurants, water, beach, etcs) and its its own community/ old fishing village. But just quaint but really close to the city still. We'll be in a 2bed/1 ba house with yard!!!! Yard was the most important part since HM wakes up saying outside.......sometimes at 5am! so. Ill try to write more about that later. But we are very very excited!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Talking up a storm

So, Hayden is talking up a storm these days. This morning he was repeating me saying, "blowdryer, hairspray..." etc. he has been babbling alot more recently, but today was the first day i noticed that he tried directly to mimick what i was saying. Also, he has known for awhile what i am saying, but now, he shakes his head no when its naptime or bedtime, adn then screams all the way up the stairs adn in bed, and then wails for about 5-10 min and then gives up. I am just thankful he gives up. So i am seeing new challenges every day, he is really getting a strong will. That time out chair is getting used more and more everyday.
The weather here has been fairly hot so we have been outside in the pool alot. I am also watching my friends daughter Evangeline for a couple weeks, a couple days a week, so its been fun to see them play together, she's 2.5, but also not so fun to try to teach Hayden to share. She is very very very patient with him.
On Memorial day weekend we went to Whistler with my parents so here a few pics. We forgot the camera to take to TN, so i have to get pics from online, so,,,,,,,i can say it might happen, but i bet it wont.