Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time with the Grandparents

So, Thad's parents have come from TN for the week. We spent a few days here and then went to Osoyoos to see my parents. Thad's parents and my parents get along great so they wanted to see eachother while they were out here. We were hoping for HOT weather there, but we didn't get it. It was grey and still warm, most of the time, and we did get some nice pool weather for a couple hours the last afternoon. None the less, we had a great time and enjoyed the relaxing and good wine! The drive back was a little long. It was about 6 hours, and about and hour to long. I think we were all done in the car at the end, and then Hayden decided to scratch my eyeball the last 45 min so that was not to pleasant.
Were not back in Seattle and going to do all the touristy things here and celebrate thads birthday a little early with his parents.
Hayden has really taken off talking. I know i say that every time, but each time he just says more and more. Doc and Gigi are really surprised how he understands everything we are saying and can follow commands so well. I look at him and wonder when he got so big! Its really crazy. And he is one crazy and wild man also. i call him my wild man all the time, mostly because he hair is always kinda crazy and then he flails himself around and acts zany, so its quite funny. He also has this picture in one of his books with a "zany baby" and they have their tongue out and whenever he sees it he sticks his tongue out, its so cute!
We are goign to upload some pics soon, sorry for none this time!