Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tulips and Decorating

We went to the tulips on sunday with my parents. They were beautiful this year! Last year they were late and we didn't get to see them, and this year was perfect. Thad really enjoyed seeing them this year, and probably finally understood what i was talking about. They just make for such great pictures!
Since we are moving in less than 2 weeks......and im pregnant and def beginning to nest, i am thinking about decorating alot! And I need help. Does anyone know any good websites with pictures? etc? I think i am being over eager, cause i really can't do that much being preg so it will have to wait until after. I just realized i can't even paint.........but we were only going to paint Hayden's room anywyas, so Thad gets that wonderful job! yah! But im just thinking down the road.......I know decorating isn't the most important thing in the world! There are much bigger things, but that is whats on my mind right now! so any tips, especially about boys rooms, send them this way.........

Monday, April 12, 2010

Palm Springs, Hollywood and Venice Beach

We had the lucky privilege of going to Palm Springs for Spring break with Thad's parents and brother, (doc and gigi, and clayton). We had great weather every day! It was 80ish and sunny, Hayden swam everyday! He loved it. Uncle Clayton bought H an Elmo, which he loves! And he of course got easter treats, and his first remote control car from his doc and gigi.
And then for two days the three of us got to go to Hollywood and Venice beach, santa monica, etc. Thad really wanted to see these things and loved it. He especially wanted to see muscle beach and the bb court in venice beach.
The 2 days in LA were great but hard. Hayden only napped in the car like 45 min each day....which is way to little for him ( my 3 hour napper) and he had been getting up at 530am each he was just tired most of the time. But he did do great for the lack of sleep he had. And then at the hotel we all went to bed at 9....which actually worked. thad and i thought after he was asleep we could turn on the tv or something.........well, nope! cause we were out to!
at the santa monica pier

Hollywood Blvd.
Jumping in the pool!

am i a star or what! hollywood got to me!
What a poser! with his Doc and Gigi