Wednesday, February 23, 2011

winter blues..

It seems like we have had colds forever! We probably were all sick with either colds, eye junk,cough or something for almost 3 weeks. And I was tired of it! And then it got worse!I guess God wanted to teach me to be thankful for when im healthy...or just to be thankful in general! He is a good God!
So of course.....on wed night, Hayden starting throwing up, but he was done by thurs morn and it was just coming out the other end. And Thad parents flew in on thurs night for an extended weekend visit. So Hayden was feeling good so we went out for dinner on Friday night. Then after we got home Presley, thad and I all got sick. Thad's dad got sick on sat night.......but his mom avoided it! yah. Thankfully it was a quick 12-24 bug.
Thad and I still got to go out for a night downtown on sun night. His mom is a trooper, i dont think she felt great but she still sent us off. We saw no strings attached and went out to dinner! It was great to get away for awhile and not feel sick.
So their trip was kind of a wash.....but they said it was okay to just relax and stay home. Because that is about all we did!
Hopefully we can avoid any more bugs that are around because this is twice for me in one month! and i never get sick...but i guess i cant say that anymore....

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