Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was wrong! If it was only that easy to say!
Hayden is doing a puzzle today while Im nursing. And Hayden is good at puzzles if i do say so! I love that it is something he can do independently. But anyways......he was working away, and i told him a piece was in the wrong place. So he figured out what piece i was pointing to with my foot, and then finds the right place. and says, " I was wrong..." in just a matter of fact kind of voice. and continues to repeat it about 3 times, " I was wrong". And im just sitting there thinking......and a little in shock, that he was just saying it like that....were really working on admitting when were wrong or sinning, and saying sorry. But i was more in shock like " WHY CANT I JUST SAY IT LIKE THAT!" like its no big deal. Dont get me wrong. ill say it.......but it probably takes 20 minutes of thought and then me crawling back to the person, not like Hayden's sweet quick response.
God has definitely been working on my pride but its always a work in progress! Thanks for the example sweet boy!

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Akin's said...

this is too sweet and is definitely a good reminder for me-pride is always a hard thing ;) send hayden my way any day!!